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New Releases: Piccoli Vermi | Green Morton

Stoner rock with references ranging from Queens of the Stone Age KKFOS.

Stoner riffs, progressive nuances, grunge hooks and seventies hard cadence, this is Green Morton's formula for making music since 2011 and who, after a short hiatus due to the pandemic, returns with the dynamic and energetic single Piccoli Vermi.

Piccoli Vermi was composed and recorded in a moment of transition. The single is the link between the old material and the new phase, it is Green Morton's first record with the current lineup.

Stoner rock is the main north of Piccoli Vermi, with references to Queens of the Stone Age to their countrymen KKFOS, an alternative band from the Brazil scene that gained national prominence in 2017 with the single Klownstrophobia. Fans of Faith no More and System of a Down will also identify with the new Green Morton sound.

The lyrics covers the current political scenario in Brazil, misrepresented with fake news and the inversion of good and evil. The title in Italian is a tribute to an Italian Prog-Rock fan friend.

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