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New Releases: Cabeça do Tempo | Aurodharma

Interesting blend of classic rock, southern rock, grunge and alternative rock influences.

Arising from the common interest of the members, Martin Pent (Vocal and Guitar), Sid Vitor (Vocal and Guitar), Luke Duarte (Bass) and Marcelo Pucci (Drums), Aurodharma started in 2018 merging their influences of classic rock as the contemporary grunge and alternative rock. The band sees their creative process as composing “songs that scream about introspection”, “daily life that permeates the human mind” and wrapping these themes with a musical approach the 90's alt scene.

One of the striking characteristics of their first album, entitled 'Cabeça do Tempo', comes from the way the group tempers the lyrics, that deals with various themes that transcend the human being, together with tight harmonies embedded in space guitar, deep basslines and grunge drums. According to the band “Words may carry a lot of content, but, hearing how it is played and sung, is the strongest way to understand”.

Listening to the nine-track disc album definitely features one can really feel a wide range of influences, from classic rock, southern rock, grunge and alternative rock. 'Cabeça do Tempo' is a mature album that shows the band's full power.

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