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New Releases: Último Céu | Throe

Throe transitions between weight and post-rock in a new single.

Throe is a personal experiment by Huey’s guitar player Vina, whose sound is built by beats, loopings and influences of post-rock, shoegaze, noise and industrial.

As an organism in constant contact with feelings, Vina refutes to consider throe as a project. In the musician's understanding, a project suggests a beginning and an end, which does not envision this endeavor. "Throe is a necessary expression," he says.

Throe is an old idea of ​​the musician, but only got its first recordings in 2020 with the release of two singles and an EP: 'death feels like an embrace that's not allowed', 'praise / breathe' and 'odium', respectively, being that the latter was composed, recorded and produced in partnership with João Silveira, from Test.

‘Último Céu’ (Last Heaven) is the single that also names the next record. It is a song that unfolds from the initial melodic line that sews, at different levels, the entire track until the final explosion loaded with drama.

In this new song, throe seeks to convey the idea of ​​loneliness through a minimalist photo. As such, the cover photo is a photographic record that Vina made a few years ago.

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