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New Releases: Visões pro Futuro | papossa

With analog aesthetics, multimedia artist combines technologies from the past and the present in the first single from his next EP.

After releasing the EP ‘Canções de Smartphone, Vol 1’ (Smartphone Songs Vol 1) and the single ‘Serra do Mar’, Lucas Barbosa gets ready to release his second “mixtape”: ‘Canções de Smartphone, Vol 2 ‘. In its first single ‘Visões Pro Futuro’ (Visions for the Future), papossa explored a different aspect of his influences, adding heavier electronic beats and distorted guitars.

In the first verses, papossa sings: “Who has the gift of looking beyond / Away from the gray the sky is always blue / I jump over the wall to try it / Salty mouth tastes like the sea” and brings the simple writing that does not need to be understood right away, letting you interpret it whatever way you want. “My writing is based a lot on sensations and things that can be visualized and felt, that's why I use colors, I quote nature and about kissing with the taste of the sea, these are the sensations that I want to convey to those who will possibly hear the sound”

The digitized VHS texture was taken from an old camera that Lucas uses to make his audiovisual productions. The retro-futuristic aesthetic and the combination of analog / digital have always attracted the artist as a visual / sound language. "This VHS camera is the only one that I have available at home here in my hands to record my process, since I am using my cell phone to record the songs, I assumed this aesthetic due to the simplicity and visual appeal that it has".

In the chorus, the composer talks about a future he imagines: “Visions for the future / Teleport me from here / Going anywhere / And the sunlight covers your face in the late afternoon”. “The popularization of technology and knowledge has opened up many possibilities in the human mind, and that way we can use this light of science to imagine, create and transport ourselves to this world that we want to build" explains the composer.

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