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New Releases: Lugar Algum | Colligere

After a 14 year hiatus, punk/hardcore band returns with the first single from the upcoming fifth album.

The last show on the tour of the album ‘Palavra’ was, definitely, not the end of Colligere (pronounce it as you wish), which returns after a 14 years hiatus with the single ‘Lugar Algum’ (Nowhere). The new song brings together all the elements that made - and make - this Brazilian band a reference in the South American punk/hardcore scene: speed, power and intensity, along with bewildering, intelligent lyrics.

‘Lugar Algum’ is plural in ideas and also in sound, it was chosen as the first single from the next studio record (the fifth of their career) as it faithfully represents the new stage of Colligere sound.

It is a song of details, each fragment well fitted and guided by the surprise of little repetition, a song with no beginning, middle and end. 'Lugar Algum' has energy and nuances of aggressiveness between melodies, all with great precision and care.

The band's new line-up is Brunno Covello (guitar), Gabriel Covello (bass), Artur Roman (guitar), Rodrigo Ponce (vocals) and Tiago Barbosa on drums. Together, in January 2020, they started producing new songs in São Paulo, at Costella Studio with producers Gabriel Zander (Zander and Radical Karma) and Cyro Sampaio (Minors Atos).

The supervision and clinical look of Gabriel and Cyro were fundamental for what Colligere presents in ‘Lugar Algum’ and which he will present in the next songs - two more singles are confirmed to come out in May and June.

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