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New Releases: All the Evil | As The Palaces Burn

With influences ranging from traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal to Progressive Metal, the band releases a physical version of their acclaimed EP.

With a fine balance between aggressive sound, melodies and instrumental variety, the metal band As The Palaces Burn continues to promote the EP 'All the Evil', with the release of the music video for the title track on Metal Hammer Portugal. After the great repercussion of the EP, the band decided to release the physical version of the EP.

The physical version of 'All the Evil' has an envelope in digipack and can be purchased through As The Palaces Burn's social networks.

As The Palaces Burn drew media attention for its musical versatility and their latest work receive excellent reviews. The band also made available on YouTube the series “ATPB”, with videos that portray the production process of the EP. ‘All the Evil’ also features two new songs: “Nothing Last Forever” and “All the Evil.” The EP is available on all digital platforms.

The band, emerged in 2018, was idealized by guitarist Diego Bittencourt, who conceived the band's sound as a mixture of influences ranging from traditional Heavy Metal, through Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal and a dash of modern metal, seeking a balance between melody, rhythm and versatile vocal lines.

The Brazilian band released their debut album 'End'evour' in 2019, achieving recognition with both critics and the metal audience, opening concerts for Brujeria, Noturnall and Mike Portnoy. The Palaces Burn is in the studio recording the long-awaited second album, expected to be released in the last half of 2021.

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