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New Releases: Gravity | Gods & Punks

The Stoner Rock band releases the last single before the fourth album, scheduled for June 25th.

About to release the fourth album of their career, The Sounds of the Universe, the progressive stoner quintet from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Gods & Punks, releases yet another single, 'Gravity', an 8-minute track that is the genesis of the entire career of the band.

Although 'Gravity' is the last of nine tracks on the new album, which arrives on June 25th on streaming and on 12-inch colored vinyl (via Forbidden Places label - USA), it was the first song composed by Gods & Punks, between 2013 and 2015, originally featured on the EP The Sounds of the Earth (2016).

The new version is even more powerful and highlights the song's melodic and atmospheric journeys, between solos and riffs and also between stoner cadence and psychedelic trance.

The revamped Gravity shows the evolution of Gods & Punks, today a reference in stoner in Brazil.

The Sounds of the Universe

‘The Sounds of the Universe’ album will have nine songs: five tracks from our debut EP in new, revamped versions, and four new tracks, composed between 2019 and 2020.

The album will be the last release of the Voyage Series, but the first chapter in history. And, according to the band, whoever takes the time to listen to the songs in the correct order of the story, will understand the reason for this dynamic: “These two tracks launched are the beginning of this journey!”

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