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New Releases: Post Modern Connection | Clustered Umbrella

The Canadian band's first EP features light, fun and sentimental indie pop.

From Canada, Post Modern Connection introduces the world to the five-track EP Clustered Umbrella, a serene, sentimental indie surf record that also floats between fun and introspective moments, in a unique lightness driven mainly by Tega Ovie's versatile vocals.

The band spoke about the feeling of putting Clustered Umbrella in the world: "We included songs that we wanted to sound on a technical level as well as references from songs and artists that we were inspired by."

In addition to the well-known previously released singles, the good vibes 'Folie A Deux' and the bittersweet 'In the Dark', the EP features the songs 'Water St,', 'Semblance of Normalcy' and 'Nostalgic Remains'.

'Water St.' is the most contemplative of the EP, with decelerated chords amidst vocals full of soul, synthesizers and a minimalist kitchen (bass and drums).

In counterpoint, 'Semblance of Normalcy' is upbeat and with melodies that exalt rediscoveries and the vibrant feeling of end points; suggests calm amidst the chaos of the mind.

'Nostalgic Remains' ends the EP with a sound reminiscent of the 1980s post-punk, almost entering the 90s, a mix of everything that Post Modern Connection condensed and experienced in Clustered Umbrella

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