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Four Elements - Alencar Júnior's new album.

Atualizado: 3 de out. de 2020

The new album, with EDM influence is now available online.

With six albums and three singles of instrumental music in his catalog. The new album, according to the artist, has a slight EDM influence. According to Alencar, if on the first track, Rainbow Dance, you make your feet move, then it’s mission accomplished.

From Fortaleza - CE, the artist began his musical career in the mid-1980s as a singer and guitarist in independent rock bands.

In the 2000s he worked as a sound technician for bands and musical productions and then became a studio recording technician. As a technician and music producer, he worked with important names of instrumental classical music and the choral movement of the city, which earned him an important learning experience, fundamental for his compositions.

Currently, he is dedicated to the production of artists and groups in the city of Fortaleza.

Watch Rainbow Dance, first single of the new album.

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