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New Releases: All Function One | Birdpen

UK alternative rock group releases an album symbolic of our time.

Based on the English south coast, BirdPen mix elements of alternative guitar rock, experimental electronica and Krautrock with cinematic moods, all delivered with powerful and meaningful lyrics.

Written, recorded and produced by the core group duo of Dave Pen (also singer and guitarist in Archive) and Mike Bird, and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, ‘All Function One’ is their brand new album and was written as the world was changing at the outset of the 2020 pandemic. It is a record about isolation, digital sadness, loneliness, deep fakes, paranoia and living a modern cyber life.

The song ‘Modern Junk’ is also available as a single since 5th March. Underpinned with a danceable motorik beat, the band describes the song as being “very relatable in terms of modern living and how we just keep swallowing down huge amounts of junk via advertisements, mindless TV shows and fake news. Are we sleepwalking into oblivion? What is real these days? So much seems blurred and confused and so many of us are numb to what is actually going on."

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