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New Releases: Dogs | Flight Attendant

A masterpiece video made of brainpower, phone cameras, a wapping budget of $0, and the special participation of Penelope Cruz, an Australian Cattle Dog superstar.

Flight Attendant is a Nashville-based eclectic indie band who was making quite a name for themselves locally as a live proposition before Covid-19 shuttered venues. ‘Dogs’ is their first release of the new year and follows two well-received yet musically contrasting 2020 singles; the pulsating, hypnotic ‘Man Of Chaos’ and the darkly sensuous and somber ‘Comedy Show’, the latter of which was timed to coincide with the US presidential election.

“We wanted to get this year off to a more upbeat start, so we went with a straightforward rock track with jumping rhythms and melodies, plus viola, guitar, and piano hook,” states lead vocalist Karalyne Winegarner.

A post-punk earworm that radiates positivity, the chorus of “Keep on coming up just a little further, I’m keeping my head above water” offers an uplifting message that feels especially pertinent in a world that has just exited one exhausting year but careered straight into another. It is a song that deserves to be repeatedly walked.

The debut album by Flight Attendant will be released later in 2021 by Moraine Music in association with Membran. They are ready for takeoff.

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