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New Releases: Gamine | God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlefolk

Atualizado: 16 de mar. de 2021

Christmas has always been a time of corny pop songs, but Gamine comes to the rescue with an epic version of the traditional carol.

Just in time for Christmas, in fact just in time to provide the antidote to ancient crooners whining about mistletoe, come Gamine - Claudia Barton and Ian Williams - with the pop equivalent of a gothic cathedral.

Having been silent for some time, the duo resurfaces with a Christmas tune you will all be familiar with, a three and a half minute epic that feels like it has been plucked from the soundtrack to a festive James Bond film (On Her Majesty's Secret Carol Service?).

With its velveteen vocals carried along on a wall of sound, an orchestra turned up to 11 and a maniac playing flamenco guitar solos all over the place, it's exactly what the end of 2020 deserves!

The new version (amazing) is available exclusively on the band's Bandcamp, but as an extra treat, a live version of the song recorded just before Xmas 2001 at the legendary 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street (aka Tin Pan Alley) is available on YouTube.

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