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New Releases: Hack to the Basic | Choke

Atualizado: 3 de fev. de 2021

Japanese band reignites the flame of nu-metal with new single.

Choke, an emerging nu-metal/visual kei band from Japan, have just released their new digital single 'Hack to the Basic'. While their last single 'The Human Anthem' was an exhilarating ride that featured an aggressive sound with a metalcore approach, the band decided to return to their nu-metal roots and evoke a groovy and exciting mood with the new song.

Although the band is best known for intricated compositions with frenetic disjointed rhythms, Choke decided to turn back to the basics and embrace the music that has most influenced the members: the nu-metal from the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s not only a glance to the past but a manifesto to fueling the scene again.

'Hack to the Basic' is filled with bouncing beats that invite the listener to enjoy the groove. A style that completely set this song apart from others in Choke’s discography. The track starts with an uncanny intro that flows into a chorus with fry screams. The tune then transitions into verses with a cool vibe and catchy rap flows that features turntable scratches and loud resonations from the bass. In addition to the change of rhythm, another major difference is the simpler guitar style: it has not the typical meticulous riffs that Choke usually deliver; but that’s definitively not a bummer, this time is all about the chill!

The creation process of the single dates back to the period when concerts were canceled or postponed worldwide due to the outbreak of the pandemic. With concerts being the fundamental activity that feeds the soul of musicians, the eagerness to come back on stage also influenced the members to make this song. As said by the band: “It’s a clear statement of our will to perform live again and have fun with this song”.

Just like in the previous singles 'No Problem at All' and 'The Human Anthem', which addressed the dangers of mob mentality and the pressure of living up to the expectations of society, the new track instigate the listeners to leave the fear behind and to live by their own standards. It may start with the simple premise of enjoying music, but the song is a call to take control of the future. A positive message in these disheartening times that encourages to adapt to the circumstances (create a new set of basics) and move forward.

Hack to the basic is already available on popular digital platforms. An exclusive edition can be purchased at their official online store. The download includes a re-recorded version of 'Stay High', from their first album CHOKE1, as a bonus track. This digital package consists of hi-re audio files along with instrumentals and a lyrics sheet.

Choke, along Esprit D'Air (Japan), Deer (Hong Kong) and Loop Sin (China) proves that the new music scene from the east is flourishing with high-quality bands.

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