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New Releases: Mantrayam | The Baggios

Announcing a new album, the band releases a psychedelic video for the song.

The Baggios revealed that it is in the process of recording the fifth studio album, the successor to the praised and awarded 'Volcano'. The new album is classified by the band as a "solar album" and, different from the previous ones, that were recorded in Rio de Janeiro, at Toca do Bandido, this one is being recorded in Aracaju, at Peixú Estúdio, with sound engineer Fabrício Rossini and the production is from vocalist Júlio Andrade.

While we wait for the new album, the band releases the video for the last single ‘Mantrayam’. The psychedelic video, just like the song, ends the brief psychedelic-inspired phase of the band between the 2018 album and the upcoming album.

Completely recorded inside the Atheneu Theater (in Aracaju, stage of the special 10-year concert of the band in 2014) at the beginning of last February, the music video has the same dynamic and captivating dynamic of the concept of the music itself.

The movements of the images are set according to the movements of the song, which is divided into three acts: birth, enchantment and chaos.

For that, Júlio Andrade, Gabriel Perninha and Rafael Ramos immerse themselves in the immensity of the void, in the vastness of the darkness created to talk about feelings, reconnections with themselves and search for meanings to life.

As the vocalist/guitarist Júlio points out, the ‘Mantrayam’ audiovisual plays with the idea of ​​shadows and light and this game are placed between dark, explosive, chaotic and also balanced moments.

'Mantrayam', the song, released in December 2020, has pulsating beats, pop melodies and soft voices, as well as an incursion of oriental guitars and nuances that bring a ritualistic atmosphere, passing through dancing moments, others more introspective.

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