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New releases: Trigger - Pink Roof.

Atualizado: 23 de jan. de 2021

With more than 50 thousand streams in less than a month, Pink Roof continues to question modern relationships on their second single.

After the success of the first single, “Jealous”, with more than 10 thousand views on YouTube and more than 40 thousand streams on Spotify in less than a month, Pink Roof releases the second single from their debut trilogy, whose premise is to question modern relationships from a psychological point of view. With references to the alternative and emo rock movement, the single “Trigger”, released this week, explores how individuality and personal desires are triggered within a relationship and how they influence the exchange between the couple.

If in “Jealous” the focus was on the effects of jealousy on both sides of the relationship, this time the trio questions the extent to which it is worth neglecting itself for a relationship that no longer fulfills their needs and feelings, reaching a point where hiding the true feeling from your partner's becomes normal, triggering distrust and mental destabilization. “The feeling of what it is to hide feelings is what I try to summarize in this 3-minute song. Is it really worth hiding all your thoughts and just putting a big smile on your face and trying to get on with life? In the end, all the internal violence you try to keep inside you overflows, and it can end your mental health. Is it worth all the blood and suffering?” Asks Isabela Lorio, the band's songwriter and vocalist.

About the band:

An old project of Isabela Lorio, the band has taken part, as an option to canceled shows due to the pandemic, in several online festivals, such as Alento Alternativo. Isabela, Carol Rezende and Giulia Brandão have also presented themselves individually in digital projects, such as the Radio Front group's “Quarantine Sessions” initiative.

In their first release, Pink Roof caught the attention of Rolling Stone magazine, one of the greatest journalistic exponents for anyone interested in music. The trio was one of the names that entered the most disputed list of new artists, the HOT 100 of the week, and received praise from the editors. “Pink Roof. Keep that name. Gaudy guitar, powerful bass, drums that know when to make the cymbals explode.”

Inspired by the repercussions of a series of performances held in 2017 alongside drummer Carol Rezende, Isabela Lorio, then decided to resume with the longstanding project and created the band earlier this year after Carol and Giulia, nominated by one of the members of Radio Front, have accepted the invitation. Born from the lack of female representation in the independent music scene, mainly in the Rock genre, the trio is inspired by renowned names from different generations who made history with their individuality and sound, the aesthetic and political vein in the phonographic sphere. “Representativeness has always been something very important to me. From a musician family, I grew up surrounded by references, among them Joan Jett, Hayley Williams, Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks, who for me are incredible artists and women totally confident of themselves in the middle of a scene dominated by men. If I pass on half the confidence and inspiration that these singers gave me to another girl, my dream will already be realized ", reflects Isabela Lorio.

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