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New Releases: Cult | Ghost Iris

European Metalcore sensation, Ghost Iris releases new single and lyric video.

Ghost Iris is a rising name in heavy music worldwide. The metalcore quartet is from Denmark and has gained spotlight in Europe with their first album, Anecdotes of Science & Soul, which in 2016 was the album of a Danish band with the highest number of streaming on Spotify (1.6 million). Today, about to release their fourth studio phonogram, they release the video for ‘Cult’, the last single before ‘Comatose’ (the album) hit the market on May 7 on Long Branch Records.

The unprecedented ‘Cult’ shows Ghost Iris increasingly aggressive and technical, always in line with modern production and highlights every detail of the music, from the different tones of the riffs to the nuances of the ripped and clean vocals.

Ghost Iris comments on the music from a question: what happens when humans blindly follow another human? “It is music that delves into the dangers of not questioning everything and the fact that no one is above scrutiny, not even kings or queens. In a post-factual society, this is even more evident”.

The band announces 'Comatose' as a step forward from the acclaimed third album, Apple of Discord (2019), which took the Danes on tours in Europe, the UK and Japan alongside Dream Theater, Jinjer, After The Burial and Soen. It was a revelation from popular festivals like Copenhell, Rockstadt Extreme Fest and Euroblast, winning new fans every night with their authentic intense and energetic performance.

The promise of Ghost Iris for the release on 7/5 is that the forthcoming fourth album Comatose will be the most visceral of the career, started in 2015, and that it will take to exhaustion the pulverized instruments, with dark, captivating lyrics and, not infrequently, rough.

And Ghost Iris is already scheduled to tour Europe between September and October as a special guest for the hardcore post legend Skywalker, followed by a UK performance with InVisions in December.

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