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New Releases: A vingança dos Mendigos | Ultra-Super

With a decade of experience, the band from Rio de Janeiro releases live video and prepares their first album.

With the release of the music video 'A vingança dos Mendigos' (The vengeance of the beggars), filmed at the legendary studio Toca do Bandido in Rio de Janeiro, Ultra-Super, begins the promotion of their first album 'Não temos tempo para ficar perplexos' (No time to be perplexed).

The band decided for a more enigmatic dissemination strategy, revealing little of the project to come, only that the album, containing 12 tracks, was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and Mastered in Los Angeles by Michael Hateley, and leaving the raw musicality of your composition speaks for the band.

The current lineup includes Eduardo Araújo - Vocal, Leonardo Araújo - Guitar, Carol Rezende - Drums (who also the drummer for Pink Roof) and, recently added to the group Apocalipse João - Bass.

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