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Nouvelle Vie.

Atualizado: 8 de ago. de 2020

Project by former members of Pravda and Day are Nights presents their first songs.

The Nouvelle Vie project, formed in January 2020 by Carll Lament, bassist and former member of the bands Pravda, Das Projekt Der Krummen Mauern, guitarist Edu Krummen and musician and producer Dennis Monteiro, mentor of bands like Day Are Nights, Segundo Inverno and 1983, presents their first songs.

According to the band, “the project has as its definition, the unusual of music, showing the imposing lightness of an environment and bringing an atmosphere geared to the very imagination of those who use their sounds”, for bassist Carll “if you close your eyes and feel a shiver, this is Nouvelle Vie ”.

The songs are available on the band’s Bandcamp, “Strong as a Rock”; "Flying like a Pigeon" and "Lovers in Flame" present a sound reminiscent of alternative bands from the 80s. We strongly recommend "Lovers in Flame" which shows the evolution of the band’s production and indicates a potential in reaching a larger audience.

According to Carll, the band is planning to release an EP, but due to the pandemic the project was rescheduled for December.

It is possible to follow their evolution in the band's channel on Youtube, which includes a presentation video of the project plus the first song (Flying Like a Pigeon) and a recent video of them rehearsing a new composition (Lost Year).

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