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Prince’s Sign O’ The Times reissue.

Atualizado: 16 de ago. de 2020

Mind blowing 8CD+DVD or 13LP+DVD super deluxe edition to be released.

Widely recognized as the most diverse, creative and far-reaching outing o Prince, the 1987 album Sign O’ The Times will be reissued by Warner Records in September and amongst the formats are two enormous CD and vinyl super deluxe editions that offer a massive 63 previously unreleased tracks, including 45 studio ‘vault’ tracks.

The expanded versions feature 63 bonus track and two complete concerts, including his legendary 1987 New Year’s Eve set with Miles Davis. A preview track the unreleased song “Witness (for the Prosecution)” is available on streaming services.

The 45 vault tracks are full of unreleased songs including two unreleased versions of “Strange Relationship” , “Can I Play With U?” featuring Miles Davis, a 1979 version of “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man”, alternate versions of “Forever in My Life” and “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”. It also includes songs that were conceived for three aborted albums and never released (“Rebirth of the Flesh”, “Witness 4 the Prosecution” and “Wonderful Day”).

The Super Deluxe Edition comes with a 120-page hardcover book containing Prince’s previously unseen handwritten lyrics for many of the songs from the era and comes in two formats (vinyl od CD) as follow:

CD1 or LP 1- Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)

CD2 or LP 2 – Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)

CD3 or LP 3 & 4 – Singles Mixes / Edits / B-Sides (Remastered)

CD4 or LP 5 & 6 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)

CD5 or LP 7 & 8 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)

CD6 or LP 9 & 10 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)

CD7 and 8 / LPs 11 to 13 – Live In Utrecht June 20th 1987 (Unreleased)

DVD – Live at Paisley Park December 31st 1987 (Unreleased Sign O’ The Times show ft Miles Davis).

Watch “Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1)”.

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