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The New York Order.

Atualizado: 3 de mai. de 2021

Zachery Allan Starkey new collaboration with Bernard Sumner is an urgent panoramic soundtrack for contemporary New York City.

Underground artist Zachery Allan Starkey released the video for the title track of his new album “Fear City”. The song, like “Force”, released in March, has a collaboration with Bernard Sumner (New Order / Joy Division / Electronic / Bad Lieutenant). “Fear City” combines the evocative Starkey compositions with Sumner's innovative production and instrumental work.

According to Starkey, " That’s my nightmare, that’s my dream, barely living…thriving in the chaos in between ". The song documents life in New York during the current economic collapse and COVID-19 pandemic. Sumner combines the lyrics and melodies by Starkey with some of the darkest electronic instrumentation work of his career, reminiscent of his time in Joy Division. Fear City is a song that faithfully reflects the current feeling of that metropolis, as well as several other major urban centers.

According to Sumner, Zachery, like him, originates from a post-industrial scenario of urban decay and forgotten people, who once prospered and brought great wealth to their nations..


Combining techno, electro, post-punk, synthwave, disco and punk, Starkey creates an urgent panoramic soundtrack for contemporary New York City, capturing Brooklyn's decadent nightlife, the current economic collapse, the COVID-19 pandemic, growing political and social chaos and the opioid epidemic in more than 14 tracks.

The video clip for Fear City was directed by visual artist Furusho von Puttkammer and co-directed by the artist himself.

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