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Under the Moonlight – Rematte.

Atualizado: 14 de jul. de 2020

In their new single, the band addresses concerns of being bound by pre-established standards and the importance of finding one's own identity.

First release after the eponymous debut EP in 2018, “Sob o Luar” (Under the Moonlight), Rematte's new single was released on all digital platforms. The song marks the new phase of the group, now with an extra “t” in its name, with musicians Daniel Gadelha (vocals), Álvaro Abreu (drums), Jonas Monte (bass) joining Thiago Barbosa (guitar) to present an a more mature sound.

Metaphorically, “Sob o Luar” questions our need to fit into pre-established standards, the importance of overcoming fears and the search for our own identity, as Daniel Gadelha, vocalist and composer of Rematte says: “We present the night as a conducive environment to the emergence of questions and impatience, but also for the search for freedom. It is at night that we allow ourselves to take the weight off the day, from the repetitive routine. It is when we can overcome our fears, chasms, the fact that a big gear is driving us, the only time that we can be ourselves. It is necessary, at any price, to breakout of this accommodated normality, to not to fall into a sea without pace, without empathy, disconnected with others. It is when the sails are set at sea”.

According Álvaro de Abreu, the band's drummer, when the song says “Only love awakens, frees us from all this ...” (“Só o amor desperta, nos liberta disso tudo...”), it’s not limited to just the “love between a couple, but everything that this word encompasses: friendship, family, self-care, among others. It is love that gives us the energy to turn unlock the gates and get out of those destructive dynamics that we often get caught”.

The band:

Rematte, founded in 2017, is a Brazilian rock band from Fortaleza-CE. With influences ranging from alternative bands such as Deftones, Incubus and Queens of the Stone Age, to the engaged and challenging poetry of Chico Science, Marcelo Yuka and Chico Buarque. The group has a vigorous sound that mixes atmospheric climates with aggressive distortions. In it lyrics, topics as individual reflections, social engagement and the energy of relationships in an urban and technological context are addressed in a very particular way. The band, at the end of 2019, dedicated itself to a mini-tour “Desfalcando a Engrenagem”, where they performed in several small venues of their home city. Nowadays, with an EP in their catalog and the new single, plans are to continuing connecting with their audience through live shows

Follow the band:

The single was recorded at Comu Studio, in Fortaleza-CE Brazil, and produced by Rematte with producer Matheus Brasil, who preveously worked with the quartet on the first EP. The video was directed by Vicente Ferreira (Vomor Produções) and the Rematte.

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