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New Releases: Áspero | Dramón

For fans of NIN and Nero Bellum, Dramón debut album exalts the intimate and enigmatic experimentations between ambient sounds, guitars and loops.

Dramón is the alter ego of Brazilian musician and producer Renan Vasconcelos. The eight-track album is perfect for ambient instrumental experimentation fans (Nine Inch Nails; Nero Bellum; Coil, etc) and exalts the intimate and enigmatic experiments between ambient sounds, guitars and loops.

The title song, which opens the album, was the first to be composed, and according to Vasconcelos the track “is the one that best transits between the two universes, past and present. The album also transitions between rock and experimentation, and it is different from everything I have released before".

‘Áspero’ (Rough), the album, fuses the past with the current moment of Dramón. Its guitar pushes it towards a more rock vibe, but it also has other ingredients deepen the project, such as samples, ambient pads and sonic experimentations.

As the musician and composer explains, this record can be seen as another piece in the construction of a dystopian mosaic in the discography, a refusal to settle in the closed horizons of capitalist realism.

The musician and producer also comments on the more attenuated use of guitars in ‘Áspero’, as should appear even less in future releases. "The guitar is my comfort zone, it is the instrument by which I can develop ideas better, in addition to being a link to my past in bands".

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