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New Releases: 1964 | Tuim

Atualizado: 13 de abr. de 2021

Contemporary MPB/Pop duo warns against the socio-political setback in new song.

‘1964’ is the title of the song that the duo Tuim released on April 1, 2021, coinciding, 57 years ago, with the day of the coup, the day democracy was overthrown, the day when the Brazil started another age of darkness and, decades later, as a dystopian twist of fate, is monstrously revered.

A strong song, with confrontational speech, ‘1964’ warns that, although it seems a lie, the horrors of the past are still threatens the present, a bleak truth is revealed: time stopped, the future has not arrived.

With lyrics by Paula and music by Habib and herself, the song was born in 2018, right after Brazil's presidential elections. The song has many faces, as the coup itself. It has the density of MPB and the power of rock, used sometimes subtly, sometimes abruptly.

Every word and expression has its weight in ‘1964’ - be it the music or the guitar strokes. “I came back in a hurry / With my legs stuck / To warn / That the voice of the people / It is not the voice of God”, sings Paula and Habib dramatically, in a growing and a little desperation, a cry that goes on with a guitar solo.

‘1964’ is the second instalment of a trilogy the speaks against the political and social setbacks in Brazil, a position that Paula and Habib assume as individuals and as a band. The studio version comes to streaming after Tuim released ‘Dia Santo’, with the participation of singer Sandyalê. The next song will be ‘Cantos’, with Caio Prado.

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