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New Releases: Spirits of open Fields | White Death

A powerful arrangement with symphonic glances marks the new single from the melodic metal band.

'Spirits of open Fields' is a song that aims to raise awareness, bring up emotions that we often cannot quantify, such as a child's sincere smile, dreams, fantasies, naivete, among other aspects that make up the values ​​brought by music. The entire instrumental was designed to function as a lullaby, alternating between delicacy and more intense rhythms, melodious vocals and a guitar solo that packs all this atmosphere of good vibes.

The third single released by the band White Death has the cover art produced by the designer Fábio Vargas. The reference worked on in this drawing is time and its measurement through our personal values ​​and (de) constructions that we make throughout life. Although the world is going through troubled times due to the pandemic, still, the sincere and innocent look of a child manages to impact us in such a way as to review our priorities with the time that we still have.

With weight, aggressiveness and the unique and peculiar voice of Priscylla Moreno, the band's latest releases continue to captivate new fans.

Formed by Priscylla Moreno (Vocal), Aldo Velasco (Bass), Alan Jhonny (Guitar), Flávio Lempresley (drums) and Caio Monteiro (Guitar) the band brings in its name the influence of the stories of Simo Häyhä, a Finnish farmer who participated the winter war between Finland and the Soviet Union in 1939, who was considered a national hero in his country because of his achievements in the war. At its base, it is possible to observe the strong influence of other bands such as Iron Maiden, DIO, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, Nightwish, among others.

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