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New Releases: Gavin Murphy Songs | Alive

Alive takes us back to a time before Grunge, Nu-Metal, Industrial, where melodic innocent pop-rock tunes were all we needed.

Ireland-based artist Gavin Murphy presents his new single ‘Alive’, a 'chin-up' anthem for our times when depression has become so rampant in this age of lockdown. The new track comes hot on the trails of the single 'The Sound of Heartbreak'.

Murphy involved a strong team with respect to both tracks, including producer / mixer Ger McDonnell (The Cure, U2, Van Morrison, Martha Wainwright, Shane McGowan, Sinead O'Connor). While 'Alive' was mastered by Stephen Ceresia at Stonyfield Masteriing, 'The Sound of Heartbreak' was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road, London. Robbie Malone (David Gray) plays bass, while Paul Byrne is on drums and Saoirse Kavanagh on backing vocals.

"My new single 'Alive' is about embracing the positives in life. To witness the sunrise at dawn is a beautiful heartwarming experience. Appreciating the simple pleasures in life and reflecting upon good memories, can help us through difficult times,” says Gavin Murphy.

“On the other hand, 'The Sound of Heartbreak' is a rite of passage that nobody escapes. You suffer from it, you inflict it - don’t kid yourself otherwise. It will keep happening until you learn from it and finally make peace with the scars”.

Hailing from Dublin’s north side, Gavin Murphy now resides in Sligo on Ireland’s north-west coast. Beginning with his debut self-recorded and self-produced album ‘45 RPM (Replay Past Memories)’, Murphy has been honing his sound and harvesting melodic guitar-based Indie pop-rock goodness, characterized by bittersweet lyrics and catchy melodies. Inspired by feelings rooted in nostalgia and moving melodies, Murphy cites Crowded House as a strong influence.

“It's a wonderful feeling to self release my own music and to hear the songs being played on the radio and receiving such positive feedback," says Gavin Murphy.

"As a self employed musician it’s been a real struggle throughout the restrictions being unable to play live music, with musicians’ careers having come to a stand still. To help me get through these uncertain times, I’ve tried to focus on the most important things in life.”

'Alive' and 'The Sound of Heartbreak' are out now, available across streaming and the artist’s Bandcamp.

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