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New Releases: Coked Up Biker Anthem (Live & Let Die Remix) | Zachery Allan Starkey

Atualizado: 5 de mai. de 2021

A chrome-heavy, high-speed track for 80s alt-rock lovers.

Zachery Allan Starkey grew up in a biker family and his dad used to play in a metal band. However, although his family's biker tradition, he chose the synthesizer over a Harley and started a fruitful career in electronic music, becoming a multi-instrumentalist who supported New Order on their America tour in 2018 and worked together with Bernard Sumner on his latest Album ‘Fear City’, a dystopian audio-vision of New York. Other works from Starkey include a remixed version of ‘Chaos’ by STOLEN for the Japanese release of their album Fragment.

Starkey is not just a musician, he’s also contributed to the NYC nightlife scene in other ways. He co-founded C//TY CLUB, an eclectic club night that is held quarterly and features other acclaimed DJs from the city Gavin Russom, Lauren Flax and Katie Rex.

Now he presents us a new version of his 'Coked Up Biker Anthem' from the album 'Fear City’, the Live & Let Die Remix by Mark Reeder. The track, described by Reeder as a “humorous pastiche of a rock-disco, metalesque track” has a vibrant techno-rock vibe that reminds me of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s album 'Automatic' (one of my favorite albums of all time).

The accompanying video, directed by Steve Celestin, also gives us that 80s/90s vibe, with a video intercalating images of Zach through the streets of New York and the artist performing the song.

This version a twin mix with the longer 'Leather & Beers Remix', featured on Mark Reeder’s Subversiv-Dekadent album.

Starkey was responsible for one of my favorites tracks of 2020, 'Fear City' (which featured New Order’s Bernard Sumner), and Reeder another of my favorites of that year, 'All Alone'. This collaboration is a great contender to be one of my favorites of 2021.

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Photo by Steve Celestin

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