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Nine Inch Nails cancel 2021 concerts, Rammstein becomes the soundtrack of the German Paralympic team, Tim Skold and Nero Bellum release new Not My God album, + Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Visual Kei and World Music releases.

Nine Inch Nails Cancel 2021 Concerts: Nine Inch Nails have canceled all of their 2021 performances. In a statement posted on social media, the band wrote: “When originally planned, these shows were intended to be a cathartic return to live music. However, with each passing day it’s becoming more apparent we’re not at that place yet. We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment and look forward to seeing you again when the time is right”. Via Pitchfork.

Not My God | Ashes: Industrial music legends Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Motionless In White, Skold) and Nero Bellum (Psyclon Nine) have combined forces for a second time as Not My God, their much-praised duo project. Not that the pair were exactly strangers beforehand, having served as live band members for each other's groups (Skold as the guitarist for Psyclon Nine and Bellum as the keyboardist for Skold). However, 2020’s self-titled outing as Not My God marked a true artistic collaboration, as they wrote and recorded together on a studio album for the very first time. More info.

Rammstein are the soundtrack of the German Paralympic team: The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are finally due to get way later this month, and Rammstein are promoting the German team's participation in the event by releasing a number of trailers featuring their hit Ich Will. The videos, which have been released on Rammstein's YouTube channel, include one multi-sport trailer, and seven clips focussed on individual sports, including table tennis, basketball, long jump and fencing. Via Louder.

TRAITRS | Oh, Ballerina: Toronto postpunk / darkwave band release moody art-house horror film meets 80’s new wave music video. Post-punk rising stars TRAITRS have announced they will release their long-player 'Horses In The Abattoir' this autumn via Freakwave, a Berlin-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe group. Ahead of that, the duo presents the single 'Oh, Ballerina'. More info.

Drenna | Sabotagem: A limitation doesn't stop you from achieving your goals, but you must face the challenges and work around the problems in your way to glory - or redemption. More than a life lesson, this is the double script for 'Sabotagem', a single that comes with an exciting, cool, but also reflective music video. ‘Sabotagem’ (Sabotage) is a vigorous, modern rock, with a punk verve, energetic guitars and strident beats. The music variations in intensity and rhythms, highlights story sung by vocalist and guitarist Drenna Rodrigues. Watch Sabotagem.

David Long and Shane O'Neill | Far From Home: Two artists who need no introduction in their homeland of Ireland, David Long and Shane O'Neill have announced their 'Far From Home' 3-track single. While each of them are perhaps best known as frontmen / vocalists of successful 1980’s post-punk / indie rock bands, the two songwriters have now joined forces to create some inspiring new music. This maxi-single features title track 'Far From Home', b-side 'Shake Me, I'm Magic' and bonus track 'Hand Of Love', a cover of a song by Adrian Borland's The Sound. Recorded remotely over a distance due to lockdown limitations. David Long was the face of 1980s band Into Paradise, who released two albums and several EP’s on legendary British independent label Setanta Records and also one major - Ensign. Their most successful album was their major record label debut, the Adrian Borland-produced 'Churchtown'. Watch Dreams Come.

Esprit D'Air | Guiding Light: London-based Japanese rock band Esprit D'Air releases a new reimagined version of their 2017 song, 'Guiding Light' worldwide today. Recorded by multi-instrumentalist Kai, 'Guiding Light' is mixed and mastered by Paul Visser at The Recording Studio London and is sung in both English and Japanese. ‘Guiding Light’ is from Esprit D'Air’s critically-acclaimed debut album Constellations. The album won 'Best Metal Album' in 2018 at The Independent Music Awards at the Lincoln Center, New York, among an esteemed judging panel featuring Amy Lee (Evanescence), Slayer, Sepultura, Tom Waits, and more. Watch Guiding Light (Reimagined).

Punhal | Só não vence quem não quer: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) based hardcore band Punhal (Dagger) releases a lyric video for “Só não vence quem não quer”, track from their new album, ‘Entropia’, recently released by the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records. The track, which opens the album, is a crossover, with strong influences from bands like The Exploited and The Casualties. The lyrics address the issue of precariousness and constant lossenig of labor rights caused by neoliberal policies in contemporary society. The album ‘Entropia’ has 16 tracks, four of which have already been released as singles and on an EP. The physical version will feature a bonus track. Watch Só não vence quem não quer.

Pratanes | Égide: With sensitivity increased by social isolation, Pratanes began a process of self-investigation that led her to delve into the history of her family, from Maranhão (Brazil), and into the social and political context that she is inserted, being a young black woman who produces her music from home, all alone. From her discoveries and reflections, in Égide she embodies ancestral memories, and, while she sings references to her mother's trajectory, she understands the experiences of the entire Afro-descendant Brazilian people, who in the search for a place of belonging and identification, end up coming across with the erasure of the memory and history of black families. With a creative output that brings in touches of R&B and neo-soul, she creates unpredictable melodies with shadows of rhythms, voices and drums that appear and disappear in the background of the song. Listen to Égide.


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