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The weekly catch-up 09

Danny Elfman + Trent Reznor in harrowing collaboration, Billy Idol's first new song in seven years, double Dublin releases with Keeley and Cat Dowling new songs, plus metal, alt-rock and world music releases.

Danny Elfman + Trent Reznor Reveal Video for New Song 'True': Following a string of singles like ‘Happy’, ‘Sorry,’ ‘Love in the Time of Covid’, and ‘Kick Me’ in 2020, Danny Elfman, the mastermind behind Oingo Boingo, has returned with his first solo record in 37 years, before diving again into scoring projects for film and other media. One of the highlights is the new collaboration with Reznor, an artist who has followed a similar path creating darkly beautiful recordings before finding success in the film scoring world. The musicians collide as many would hope in a melange of industrial percussion, furious feedback and intimate and cinematic piano bits. More info.

Beholder's Cult | Shadows: The Brazilian doom metal band, Beholder’s Cult, releases the video for the track ‘Shadows’, taken from their debut album ‘Our Darkest Home’. “Lyrically, it is a great representation of the entire (album) concept, the passage of time, aging, the arrival of new lives, oblivion and an illumination of the soul. Beautiful melodies and soft voices give way to a more aggressive ending but that doesn't lose the melancholic and contemplative beauty present in all the music”, explains the band. Watch Shadows.

Billy Idol Previews First New Music in Seven Years With ‘Bitter Taste’ Video: Billy Idol previews The Roadside, his first new music in seven years, with the first single from the EP, ‘Bitter Taste’. The track, recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, finds Idol looking back at his near-fatal 1990 motorcycle accident, a crash that almost resulted in Idol losing a leg and left him unable to walk for nearly a year. “I think everyone has been feeling more reflective (during the pandemic). So, it seemed quite logical and natural to write something about my motorcycle accident,” Idol said in a statement. The Roadside EP, available to preorder now ahead of its September 17th release, marks Idol’s first release on George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records. Via Rolling Stone Magazine.

Trapezia | Games: A newly released EP presents a fantastic world inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, where every detail was conceived by artist Thaís Lyrica. Bringing together magic and retro-futuristic concepts, the Trapézia project released the conceptual debut EP entitled ‘ECILA’. For promotion, the band releases the first music video, ‘Games’, which describes the first chapter of the EP's history. Watch Games.

Keeley | You Never Made It That Far: Dublin-based indie-pop artist Keeley presents 'You Never Made It That Far, the final video clip from her debut 'Brave Warrior' EP and a beautiful downtempo, trip-hop, electro-indie exploration of the dark subject matter she has become known for. This is the most electronic and darkest cut from the four-track EP, recently released via Dimple Discs, and follows on from the success of her current single 'The Glitter and The Glue'. More info.

Emílio Sagaz | Um Lindo Temporal (O Ego de Deus e A Inveja do Diabo): With roots in reggae and rap, the song addresses issues such as inappropriate behavior justified by religion. "This is a song that hits people's conservatism and contradictions. People do what they shouldn't and simply blame the Devil", says Emílio. The artist also uses irony and contradiction when he points out that, in the midst of this chaos, it is enough to listen to romantic music to distract us. "The chorus is purposefully romantic to get into this contradiction. Far beyond just a political criticism, it's a portrait of the good citizen. Watch Um Lindo Temporal.

Cat Dowling | Freedom: Dublin-based indie-pop artist Cat Dowling presents 'Freedom', a lush slice of soulful pop perfection, well-timed for the easing of lockdown restrictions happening in many countries and inspired by a life-changing occasion for Cat. The Kilkenny-born artist will release her new album in autumn. Cat Dowling's voice has been lauded as one of the most impressive and evocative in Irish contemporary music. Against the backdrop of beautiful ambient and eclectic soundscapes, her beautifully dark pop songs and her convincingly intimate vocals will grasp and resonate with you from the outset. More info.

Amnessia Eterna | Malditos: To promote their debut album, Amnessia Eterna released the second single from the new album. The video ‘Infierno’ is available on Brutal Records' Youtube channel. In addition to marking the band's debut, the album is a landmark event for the band, which began recording in March 2020, precisely in the month when the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Chile began, delaying the completion of the album for almost 9 months, in December 2020. 'Malditos' will be released on all digital platforms and in CD format with distribution in USA and Canada by MVD Entertainment Group and Europe by Plastic Head Distribution. Watch Infierno.

Holly Humberstone: haunting synth-pop to soundtrack coming-of-age anxiety: One of the few British breakouts in the last year, Holly Humberstone reconciles with seeing her fanbase live at her shows for the first time – and working with teenage hero, The 1975's Matty Healy on her upcoming EP Words. NME/Next Noise go deep on the rising talent ready to become your new favourite artist. Via NME.

The Baggios | Clareia Trevas: Twice nominated for the Latin GRAMMYs, the band has just released the music video for the single ‘Clareia Trevas’, a song that will be on their new album ‘Tupã-Rá’, which will arrive in October/2021, via the Toca Discos label. The fun, dynamic video shows Julico, vocalist/guitarist of The Baggios, fighting a fictional boxing match as metaphor that symbolizes the battles of life and the beatings we take in our daily lives. Watch Clareia Trevas.


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Danny Elfman + Trent Reznor | True cover art

Beholders Cut by Rafael Giraldi

Billy Idol performing in June 2012 (_MG_3648) by possan, CC BY 2.0

Trapézia by Jess Lagoas

Keeley | You Never Made It That Far cover art

Emílio Sagaz by Camila Dourado

Cat Dowling | Freedom cover art

Amnessia Eterna | Malditos cover art

The Baggios by Marcelinho Hora


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