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Johnny Marr chooses “the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with”, Emigrate covers ‘Always On My Mind’, Roxette’s 30th anniversary ‘Joyride’ Boxset, and new releases from Mach Fox, Hangman’s Chair and Apnea.

Johnny Marr chooses “the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with” – and it's not Morrissey: Johnny Marr has paid tribute to the songwriter and former bandmate he thinks is “the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with”. It's Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse; the band Marr was part of from 2006 and 2008, playing on their 2007 album We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. Marr has reflected on his time in Modest Mouse during a new interview with Stereogum looking at the bands and projects he's been involved in during the 34 years after The Smiths split, including The Pretenders, Hans Zimmer and Electronic. Via Musicradar.

Radiohead performing on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool tour By David Urrea - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Mach FoX | Hollow Moons: Considered an outtake from the Zwaremachine release, the melody and drama of Hollow Moons fit perfectly into Mach FoX's sleek, sci-fi, horror, doom-pop style. The song warns of a future where only the wealthy can leave the ruined and depleted earth and live in the lush hollow moons...a place of fortune where everything is green. Via Black / Blue.

Emigrate covers ‘Always On My Mind’ with a guest appearance by Rammstein vocalist: The song, previously recorded by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and Pet Shop Boys is an old fashion romantic apology for taking someone for granted and asking one another chance. Under the Germans industrial masters, the song takes a cynical spin, as quirk female ‘Unhum yeah, right!’ just after the first “you were always on my mind”, as if the apologized partner did not really believe the sincerity of the singer. A last surprise, by the end of the song (listen below), seems to confirm this suspicion. Via Black / Blue.

Mike Rutherford By Andrew St.Denis - Public Domain

Robyn team up with Smile for their new single ‘Call My Name’: Robyn has teamed up with the Swedish duo for their new song The song is taken from the upcoming new album by Smile – Björn Yttling (Peter, Björn and John) and Joakim Åhlund (Teddybears, Caesars) – titled ‘Phantom Island’, which is set for release on November 19 via Chimp Limbs. Robyn and Åhlund have previously collaborated together on the former’s albums ‘Robyn’ (2005) and ‘Body Talk’ (2010). Via NME.

Zwaremachine | Conquest 3000 cover art

Roxette celebrating ‘Joyride’ 30th anniversary with expanded reissue: Joyride is the album that cement the duo success. The title track zoomed all the way up to the top of the US charts on 1st May 1991, giving Roxette their fourth US No.1, a record that no Scandinavian group or artist has managed to surpass. The boxset comes in two versions: 4 black vinyl or 3 CD, both complete with 50 songs, an illustrated 32-page booklet, telling the story of the album and detailing the creation of the album’s 12 unheard tracks, including planned opener Hotblooded. Via Black / Blue.

Substance Festival 2021 poster

British post-industrial / ambient group O Yuki Conjugate re-releases ‘Equator” with bonus material: O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) are an English post-industrial/ambient musical group founded in 1982 in Nottingham by Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme and still – intermittently – active today. While their music has been variously described as ‘ambient’, ‘fourth world’, ‘ethnic’, ‘tribal’ and ‘dark wave’; the band prefers to call it ‘dirty ambient’. The album comes in a ‘revisited expanded edition’ and features an additional 30 minutes of material, together with new artwork from artist and actor Frederick Schimmelschmidt. “Equator” was one of the first albums to be mixed with digital equipment, weaving together a blend of studio, live and location recordings to create their own soundscapes. Via Side-Line.

Fleischkrieg pays tribute to Frankie Goes To Hollywood with ‘Relax’

Hangman’s Chair | Loner: Another step forward in their impressive discography, French doom metal band Hangman's Chair new single takes the listener on an emotional journey deep into the soul and heart of the Parisian banlieues (suburbs). According to the band, “Solitude is dangerous and addictive.” The music video for 'Loner', directed by Kendy Ty, followed real people like Laura, Sam, Sébastien and Michel in their daily preoccupations, struggling with the outside world. Watch Loner.

APNEA to record debut album: With a proposal make music influenced from the 70s to the 90s, mixing grunge, heavy metal and stoner rock, APNEA continues to promote the recently released EP ‘Salt Water’. The band brings together musicians already known within the Brazilian underground scene, such as Mauricio Boka (Ratos de Porão, ex-Psyschic Possessor, ex-I Shot Cyrus, ex-Safari Hamburguers), Marcus Vinicius (ex-Safari Hamburguers, ex-Bayside Kings), Nando Zambelli (ex-Garage Fuzz) and Gabriel Imakawa (Jerseys). Despite their previous experience, APNEA explore genres never experienced by any of the group's members, making this 'newness' the fuel to a new exploration within the rock universe. Listen to the debut EP Salt Water.


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Marr onstage in 2007 by flickr user michael morel. Original uploader was 75pickup at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia (Original text : flickr), CC BY 2.0

Mach FoX | Hollow Moons cover art

Emigrate | The Persistency of Memory cover art

Roxette Joyride Boxset

O Yuki Conjugate | Equator cover art

Hangman’s Chair | Loner cover art

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