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Dream | Depeche Mode Photographs1994-2002 By Michaela Olexova

Book will delight new and old Depeche Mode fans.

Dream is a curated collection of images covering a nine year period in which Czech-born (but UK-based) designer and photographer Michaela Olexova worked as editor of BONG, the hugely popular official fan club magazine of English electronic music icons Depeche Mode. The book contains digitally reproduced photos that originally appeared in that publication as well as many hitherto unseen that were captured on various tours, in the studio and behind the scenes. Several were also displayed as part of an Award winning exhibition in Prague in 1996, while others were included as part of a Collector's Edition of the group's ‘Ultra’ album that was issued in 2007.

Olexova explains that “I wanted to present these photos to Depeche Mode fans in a higher quality than ever before and in the medium they truly deserve. Having had exclusive access to the group at that time, my intention was always to present the very best of the band from myself as a fan to their many other fans. DREAM is my personal tribute to them and celebrates their musical genius.” She also states that her association with the group “changed the trajectory of my life and career. It is a journey that began with their very first show in communist Czechoslovakia in 1988 when I fell in love with their music, to co-founding a fan club in the newly created Czech Republic, to landing a dream opportunity working directly with them."

Bookended with the initials DM, DREAM is an especially well-chosen title. “It is to urge people to dare to live their dreams, no matter how big or small,” adds Olexova. “Never could I have imagined that I would get to collaborate with my idols. I always joke that Depeche Mode are responsible for nearly everything in my life, as this was the first of many serendipitous moments that followed; from swapping Prague for London, to meeting my husband, to building my own design business. In reality, of course, it’s up to the individual to not only have their dreams but to take action in order to help realise them. In 1991 I showed up at the offices of Mute Records with a plan to create a book about my favourite band. Little did I know how my life would unfold by simply putting this idea out there. Thirty years later I’ve finally got my book, which tells me that dreams really do come true if you believe. That’s a message I want to pass on to my own daughter, to whom it is dedicated."

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