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In the End: The song Chester Bennington didn’t like surpasses one billion views on YouTube.

Atualizado: 18 de nov. de 2020

Linkin Park’s second billion view-passing YouTube video after Numb hit the mark in 2018.

July has been a busy month for Linkin Park fans, after Mike Shinoda announced details of his new collaborative album (Dropped Frames, Vol. 1), the band’s video for their 2001 single “In The End” has just surpassed a billion views on YouTube.

That’s the second video of the band to achieve this feature, “Numb” hit the same number back in November 2018. Considering that the videos were uploaded long after their release, “Numb” was uploaded March 2007, 4 years after it’s release, and “In the End” October 2009, 8 years after it’s release, it shows the power of the band’s songs over the time.

Interestingly, Chester Bennington didn’t like song at first, stating in a interview to VMusic in 2012 that he “was never a fan of ‘In The End’ and I didn’t even want it to be on the record”. He continued to confess that he “basically decided at that point I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, so I leave that to other people, who are actually talented at somehow picking songs that people are going to like the most”. According to the same interview, that experience gave him “a good lesson, as an artist, that I don’t necessarily have to only make music, in my band, that I want to listen to. More often than not, something that I like, very few other people like, and something that those people like is something that I kind of like, or don’t like at all. And that’s cool, it gives me a new appreciation for the songs”.

Watch the billion-view video and check out our Linkin Park inspired playlist.

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