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New Releases: Dein Herz, Meine Gier – Suicide Commando.

Atualizado: 25 de nov. de 2020

The new single will be released on a 999 limited series.

Just a few weeks after releasing their “Hellraiser” single, which including new recordings of “Hellraiser” and “Mindstripper”, plus the original “Hellraiser” and the non-album-track “Kevorkian” pressed on Picture Vinyl, Suicide Commando released an edgy club single featuring another four highlights of the band: The club hit “Dein Herz, Meine Gier”, taken from the “Love Breeds suicide” EP and as “Blood In the Face”, from the album “Mindstrip”, both got a full remake. The new versions connect the early 2000 atmosphere with nowadays technical possibilities.

The new single also includes two new tracks: “Bunkerb!tch”, a track in the tradition of the big Suicide Commando dancefloor massacres while “Belief” is a completely nocturnal, dark track.

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