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New Releases: A Cerca | Rematte

Furious and forceful, the band's new video addresses the social inequalities in Brazil.

If their previous track, 'Sob o Luar', Rematte discussed personal issues and presented an almost ethereal sound at certain times; in 'A Cerca' (The Fence), they pull out all their anger and indignation, through a heavier, frantic and dissonant sound.

In line with the aggressive instrumentation, the lyrics address the social inequalities that are increasingly striking in Brazil. According to vocalist Daniel Gadelha: “The lyrics is a seam of reflections and criticisms about our society, which is metaphorically, or not, torn apart by 'invisible fences', which we may not see, but are as solid as the hatred of those who create them and those who experience them. Social, racial, economic, religious fences, and all those that subtract from humanity the ability to perceive the existence of the other, of the collective, of diversity, and the priceless damage that this imprints on a more just worldview”.

Due to the pandemic, the band ended up having to look for an alternative way to record the single. The solution was remote recording, each member recorded separately, in a different location, under the guidance of Matheus Brasil (Matt B), producer and partner of Rematte since early works.

About the new process, bassist Jonas Monte remarks: “Recording distance from the others was a mix of fear and euphoria. Fear of the pandemic, and euphoria for returning to production and wanting the work to be ready. As each element was recorded, a celebration was made! Despite all the concern about how it would sound, since each one was recording in a different way, the certainty that it all would fit together was always there, because we trust Matheus”.

For the video, the band had a different approach: to show the impact of territorial inequality in Fortaleza, the city where they live, and how government and real estate projects often separate a poorer portion of the population, the band made a partnership with Nigéria Filmes, which provided excerpts from its film collection, among them the documentary series “Cartas Urbanas”, which deals precisely with urban territorial reflection.

The band:

Rematte is a rock band from Fortaleza – Brazil, founded in 2017 and currently formed by Daniel Gadelha (vocals), Álvaro Abreu (drums), Jonas Monte (bass) and Thiago Barbosa (guitar). With influences ranging from alternative bands such as Deftones, Incubus and Audioslave, to the engaged and challenging poetry of Chico Science, Marcelo Yuka and Chico Buarque, the group presents a vigorous sound, which combines atmospheric climates with aggressive distortions. In his speech, topics such as individual reflections, social engagement and the energy of relationships in an urban and technological context are approached in a very particular way, thanks to the compositions of vocalist Daniel Gadelha.

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