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New Releases: Comedy Show | Flight Attendant

Atualizado: 9 de fev. de 2021

Released on US Election Day, 'Comedy Show' is a somber ballad, that serves as a warning to not lose sight of what’s important in a world filled with distractions.

Flight Attendant has just issued a video for their dark and sensuous new single, the ironically titled ‘Comedy Show’. Released to coincide with the culmination of the election circus in the USA, the song starts with a powerful combination of Karalyne Winegarner's vocals and piano, setting the tone for a somber, melodic and thought-provoking ballad with a lyric that comments on the current social and political landscape in their home territory.

Let’s all laugh at the comedy show

Put our problems in the TV

We’ll joke away our lowest lows

A light intervention of Nikki Christie's viola leads to the second verse, which, through the repetition of the first verse lyrics, reinforces the easy road of losing ourselves in banalities. The band enters full force at the 1:45 mark, the song gains weight as the lyric goes deeper in its message.

There’s a ghost from tomorrow

Telling us why

There’s truth in the silence

The light never lied

Lead singer Karalyne Winegarner states that the song "serves as a gentle warning to not lose sight of what’s important in a world filled with so many distractions. The song is supposed to remind you that the easier road of plugging up your ears and laughing your problems away is a temporary fix that won’t hold. The line ‘There’s a ghost from tomorrow’ is a warning to get our heads out of the distraction box and take a long look at our world and ourselves and start changing and improving the one life and world we have to live in. This song is close to our hearts as a band and I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to release it than when the distractions seem to be at their loudest."

The video, directed and shot by Nick McCallum, switches between Winegarner distractedly watching the endless gabble emanating from a TV screen and scenes of her walking through sumptuously colorful woodland to a river in which the band can be seen immersing/cleansing themselves.

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