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Releases: Quicksand - Pink Roof

Atualizado: 11 de mar. de 2021

Third single from their debut trilogy, “Quicksand” closes the series by questioning the persistence in dead relationships.

After the success of the first and second single, “Jealous” and “Trigger”, with more than 20 thousand views on YouTube and more than 80 thousand streams on Spotify, Pink Roof releases the third single from their debut trilogy, whose premise is to question modern relationships from a psychological point of view.

With references to the alternative and emo rock movement, the single “Quicksand”, released October 23rd, explores the feeling of being trapped in a relationship with no place to run, as desperate as being swallowed up by quicksand.

If in “Jealous” and “Trigger” the focus was to ponder about jealousy in both parts of the relationship, its toll on mental and physical health, this time the trio questions what we can do when we find ourselves stuck in relationships without a way to flee, and what leads us to persist in relationships when love has died. “I wrote this song trying to understand what makes us depend on someone to the point of arresting us. It seems that the memories turned into quicksand and that holds us in the relationship, waiting for an uncertain future that we know is very difficult to really happen ”reflects Isabela Lorio, creator and vocalist of the band.

Formed by artists Isabela Lorio, Giulia Brandão and Carol Rezende, the band, in addition to being present on social networks in lives promoted by independent festivals, such as Girls Rock Camp BR, also conquered space in the music scene with criticisms and reports that put them as the main releases of August.

Born from the lack of female representation in the independent music scene, the trio is inspired by renowned names from different generations who made history with their individuality and sound, the aesthetic and political vein in the phonographic sphere.

“Representativeness has always been something very important to me. I’m from a family of musicians. I grew up surrounded by references, among them Joan Jett, Hayley Williams, Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks, who for me are incredible artists and women totally confident of themselves in the middle of a scene dominated by men. If I pass on to another girl half the confidence and inspiration that these singers gave me, my dream will be realized", reflects Isabela Lorio.

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