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New releases: Lullabies For The Lithium Age - Snog.

Atualizado: 19 de set. de 2020

A carefully measured dose of Snog is the perfect medicine for our chaotic age.

The great wheel turns, our time comes, and our time goes, we shall be reborn over and over.

David Thrussell is an outlier, provocateur and an enigma. An artist that challenges, inspires and transforms. Coaxed from a fitful half-decade of semi-retirement in his compound in the Australian outback, Thrussell now helms the extraordinary new Snog album, 'Lullabies For The Lithium Age’.

A mature and fully-realized statement, 'Lullabies For The Lithium Age' is the result of the artist's own struggles and will surely resonate with an ample audience. Wracked by crises of doubt, identity, emotional collapse and mental health, Thrussell had effectively withdrawn from public life and most of his creative endeavors. Thrussell - a singular Antipodean who had animated a generation with righteous electro anthems and smoldering industrial laments - had burned out, cashed out, and crashed out.

After two years of an extreme therapeutic regimen - pain, torment, Thrussell took his first halting steps toward composing, performing and recording once again. The result, 'Lullabies For The Lithium Age', is a collection of broken Gospel ballads of nihilism and regret, funereal chants of mortality and windswept ache - and a spiritual song-arc that speaks in minimal yet august tones.

It may be tough to listen to such heartful confessions, but a carefully measured dose of Snog is the kind of medicine needed for our chaotic age.

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