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Pink Roof takes a feminine look at abusive relationships in their debut single.

Atualizado: 27 de set. de 2020

The all-women band debuted on digital platforms with a track inspired by modern and classic rock references.

Reflections on contemporary relationships set the tone for the debut of rock band Pink Roof. Formed only by female musicians, the trio, which has been present on social media in lives promoted by independent festivals, such as Alento Alternativo, debuts on the music scene with the track “Jealous”, the first single from the album “Explicit”, whose release is scheduled for the end of this year.

With a hybrid sound between classic and modern inspired by classic references from the international and Brazilian alternative scene, including Far From Alaska, Queens of the Stone Age and Paramore, the music explores, from a female perspective, the toxic nuances of a relationship marked by emotional dependence, possession and uncontrollable jealousy. “The song is about a chaotic relationship that is toxic on both sides, without distinction. They are two people who, despite loving each other, constantly do harm to each other and, despite that, are unable to live separately ”, says Isabela.

The psychological theme is the guiding thread of the future album, in which each track is a metaphor for the feelings and difficulties experienced during the process of personal and emotional growth at different times in life. Given the restrictions imposed by the security protocols to combat COVID-19, the track was recorded remotely, with each member in their respective homes.

"Jealous" is the first of the three singles that will be available on digital platforms before the official release of the debut album. Produced by Celo Oliveira, the single is penned by Isabela Lorio, vocalist and creator of the group, and arrangements by bassist Giulia Brandão and drummer Carol Rezende.

About the band:

An old project by musician Isabela Lorio, the band has participated in several online festivals, such as Alento Alternativo, as an option to cancel the first shows due to the pandemic. As a way of integrating the disclosure of the first release, members Isabela, Carol Rezende and Giulia Brandão have also presented themselves individually in digital projects, such as the Radio Front group's “Quarantine Sessions” initiative.

Inspired by the repercussions of a series of performances held in 2017 alongside drummer Carol Rezende, Isabela Lorio, then decided to resume with the longstanding project and created the band earlier this year after Carol and Giulia, nominated by one of the members of Radio Front, have accepted the invitation. Born from the lack of female representation in the independent music scene, mainly in the Rock genre, the trio is inspired by renowned names from different generations who made history with their individuality and sound, aesthetic and political vein in the phonographic sphere. “Representativeness has always been something very important to me. From a musician family, I grew up surrounded by references, among them Joan Jett, Hayley Williams, Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks, who for me are incredible artists and women confident of themselves in the middle of a scene dominated by men. If I pass on half the confidence and inspiration that these singers gave me to another girl, my dream will be realized ", reflects Isabela Lorio.

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