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New Releases: Body N’ Soul | Old Lamp

Good ol’ Rock 'n' Roll meets Blues in Brazilian band new single.

With only 2 years on the road, Old Lamp already feels like an ol’ good band with numerous achievements, including Forcaos 2020 festival, third place in "O Benfica" music contest, organized by the Brazilian radio FM BENFICA, exhibition of their DVD in "Sons of Ceará " São Luís Cinema Project and songs included in two compilations: Undreground BR 1079 and Rock Soldiers Vol. 28.

The new single features striking guitar riffs that span the entire song and a unique high-pitched vocal. The lyrics for "Body N 'Soul" come in a metalanguage format, as it deals with musical art itself and calls the musician to exercise it "body and soul", with all possible dedication.

The Band:

Sérgio Murillo (vocals and guitar) and Ricardo Nobre Jr. (guitar) had been composing partners for over 30 years, playing together in their old band DAFNE, and after a long hiatus, Nobre convinced Murillo to join forces again and form Old Lamp. Raul Ponte (guitar), Robson Serra (bass) and Franzé Batera (drums) completes the line-up. The bands brings into their composing process influences as Led Zeppelin, Guns N ' Roses, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

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