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New Releases: Safra Sativa | F.Snipes

Debut album will delight melodic Punk Rock lovers.

F. Snipes has just released his first album ‘Safra Sativa’. The new material features songs from previously released EPs and singles, in addition to a new song, totaling 11 tracks. With radio melodies and heavily influenced by the 90s Punk Rock scene (especially bands like Green Day, Rancid and Descendents), ‘Safra Sativa’ has everything to be a full plate for lovers of Melodic Punk Rock from Brazil and the world.

The cover of the new album was designed by Cristiano Suarez, an artist who gained prominence with the poster made for the Dead Kennedys' Brazilian tour. This was the second work in partnership between Cristiano and F. Snipes. The first was the debut EP ‘So’. ‘Safra Sativa’ has several special guest appearances such as Henrike Baliú (Armada / Blind Pigs) and Paulo Rocker (Gramofocas). The album was produced by Davi Packer, a reference producer in Brazilian punk rock scene, having worked with bands such as Carbona, Tequila Baby and Zumbi do Espaço. The tracks were recorded at Hill Valley Studio, in POA and the voices at Brisa Studios in Miami. Supporting the new album, a Brazilian tour is planned for the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 together with other artists in the segment.

F.Snipes is a multidisciplinary artist with a background immersed in music and design. A Brazilian based in Miami, Felipe has a long history in the Punk Rock / Hardcore scene in Brazil, acting strongly as a musician, producer and cultural agitator.

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