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New Releases: Rotten | Malved

Band's fifth single brings influences from slasher movies, the weight of stoner rock and the energy of garage rock.

Malved is bassist Marcelo Cocão and drummer Rômulo Fernandes. They propose is to bring an alternative rock with elements of stoner, groove and garage rock. Their intense and energetic music has a captivating sound that contrasts with the weight of alt-rock.

According to the band “the masks came from the influence of slasher movies, enhancing the dark and dragged climate, showing a chaotic vision about a cruel, cold, greedy and gloomy world. The project continues with its strange and bizarre music, phosphorescent light, White Stripes and much more”.

The duo merged several styles to achieve an original and heavy groove. The bass of ‘Rotten’ shows a seventies tone, with the groove enhanced by the Pog pedals (octave) and the Big Muff on an Epiphone Thunderbird. Working together with the bass line, we have a tribal rhythmic drums. Completing the composition, lyrics that criticizes the massive routine in which the human being lives. Eat, sleep, work and hand over your problems to an imaginary God, while the planet is devastated and forgotten, deteriorating in exchange for money.

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