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New Releases: Passando com Água | Bule

Brazilian band “hit” song is released on digital platforms.

Bule's tropical and nostalgic psychedelia vibrates in 'Passando com Água', the song first appeared in as a short excerpt recorded on Bule's debut EP, 'Cabe Ainda Mais', from 2018, and is one of the most requested songs in the lively and dancing shows.

The song talks about the loneliness of wandering around the city: in the midst of chaos, we are alone, brooding over thoughts, emotions, feelings, but at the same time, trying to take with us what is essential for us on this journey.

"What feeds us? What are we hungry for? What quenches our thirst? And, more deeply, what is our water? Ultimately, finding and embracing our essence is what keeps us going without fear. ", reflects Bule among synthesizers and colorful melodies of 'Passando com Água'.

In fact, the union of the synthesizer and congas support the track, protagonists in the middle of a fast beat, which refers to the despair, present in the lyrics, of constantly brooding and questioning inside.

The swinging guitars are strongly inspired by the Siba from Pernambuco, and the melodic lines, inspired by the classic soundtracks of the Italian composer Enio Moricone.

The combination of these characteristics gives the song a special touch making it a mandatory hit for the band's fan base in each performance of the group.

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