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New Releases: Alone | Front Line Assembly

"Till the end, I go it alone", brutal lyric video for Alone amplifies the song message.

‘Mechanical Soul’, released in January, has earned plaudits worldwide as one of the strongest records in Fron Line Assembly's extensive catalog. It is also being seen as something of a return to the classic records they issued at the dawn of the 1990’s such as ‘Caustic Grip’ and ‘Tactical Neural Implant’. There is certainly something on ‘Mechanical Soul’ to suit most electronically inclined tastes, 'Unknown' the first single, with an explosive chorus, fantastic vocals treatments and hard pulsating kick drums became a personal favorite. Taken as a whole, the album is a masterful work from one of the greats of the genre.

Now the Vancouver-based duo released a lyric video for 'Alone'. The video, directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, is a fantastic collage of dark, claustrophobic images that, coupled up with the harsh instrumental, push the audience into the song's mood. 'Alone' is another fine example that Front Line Assembly, sticking to its principles, continues to deliver rich sonic textures.

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