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New Releases: Paradise | Flight Attendant

Contrasting singles showcase Flight Attendant's eclectic and exciting music.

‘Paradise’, the new single from Nashville based indie band Flight Attendant, follows a brace of musically contrasting 2020 singles in the form of hypnotic and pulsating guitar-based ‘Man Of Chaos’ and the sensuous yet somber piano-centered ballad ‘Comedy Show’ (still my favorite), timed to coincide with the US presidential election, plus the post-punk earworm ‘Dogs’ that was issued in early 2021.

‘Paradise’ is an exhilarating rush with a timely title as the world slowly emerges out of lockdown. Reflected in its promo clip, shot in a local junkyard with the group members indulging in high jinks, they describe the song as “about feeling a release, whether that’s good behavior, bad behavior, or something in the grey. Whatever was holding you back or making you feel restricted in some way, this song is about those immediate feelings that come after, reveling in instant gratification and then assessing situations for what they are.”

The debut album by Flight Attendant will be released later in 2021 by Moraine Music in association with Membran. They are ready for takeoff.

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