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New Releases: Empty Hands | Dan & The Gummy Hunters

The band talks about disillusions and heartbreak according to the 90s Californian punk energy.

Dan & The Gummy Hunters have just released the video for ‘Empty Hands’, the track is part of their album ‘Memory Lane’. The song talks about falling in love at a young age and having to deal with disappointments and losses, and how difficult it becomes at this point of life, where everything seems to go wrong.

‘Memory Lane’ has ten tracks, nine in English and one in Portuguese. The name of the album is a reference to the material that inspired the songs, the last 10 years of the musician's life. Musically, the band draws on influences from Californian punk of the 90s and the album is a good bet for those who like bands like Descendents, No Use For a Name, All, Millencolin and Social Distortion.

A reference in the Hardcore Punk scene of his hometown, Recife (Brazil), the musician, decided to compose again with the emergence of the pandemic of covid-19 and the lockdown.

After composing two songs made just with the acoustic guitar, the musician decided to purchase a guitar, a digital interface, reference monitors and a DAW, where he recorded the songs accompanied by electronic drums. At the end of June, four songs were ready and producer Davi Pack from Hill Valley Studios was contacted to start recording, thus releasing the first single, 'Let it go'. Later six more songs were recorded making the project a record with ten songs.

The band:

Dan & The Gummy Hunters, is a solo and itinerant project by Daniel Sant'Ana. The idea came to facilitate the logistics of concerts and the musicians to change according to the region. In North America, for example, the musician has the support of the Canadian band Crash The Gates, and in Brazil, he has the support of musicians such as Davi Package and Matheus Menezes.

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