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The weekly catch-up 08

Coachella announces headliners for 2022 and 2023, Duran Duran enlist CHAI for new collaborative single, Darkwave/Post-Punk Creux Lies releases new album, 3 days and 52 metal bands online live festival, Walhalla Records releases compilation of Belgian cold wave and post punk from 1978-84, metal, alternative, rock releases.

Duran Duran enlist CHAI for new collaborative single, ‘More Joy’: The new single, released August 5, follows the release of ‘Invisible’ in May 2021. While that song was a collaboration with Blur‘s Graham Coxon, ‘More Joy’ sees the band work with Japanese rock band CHAI. It marks the first time the two groups have collaborated. Both songs will feature on Duran Duran’s 12th studio album, ‘FUTURE PAST’. Via NME.

Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott to Headline Coachella 2022, Frank Ocean Will Perform in 2023: For those hoping to know more about what’s going to happen with Coachella, the granddaddy of all American festivals, Goldenvoice boss Paul Tollett revealed that Coachella 2020 headliners Travis Scott and Rage Against the Machine will return in 2022, while Frank Ocean will headline the 2023 edition due to scheduling issues. A third headliner for 2022 will be announced at a later date, Tollett said. His reasoning for revealing the headliners so early (usually Coachella announces its lineup in early January the year of the festival)? Tollett said it was to offer fans some reassurance after what’s transpired since the pandemic hit last March. Via Spin Magazine.

Creux Lies | Misunderstanding: A strong post-punk/darkwave track serves as a teaser for the forthcoming album. Creux Lies have announced that they will release their second full-length album 'Goodbye Divine' via Freakwave, a Berlin-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe group. Nearly a year in the making, fans can expect both arrivals and departures from what they may be expecting, as the band offers a complete range of emotions throughout this collection. Their new album is preceded by the lead single 'Misunderstanding' - a dark, sexy, danceable track that demonstrates how the band became so beloved on the post-punk and cold wave scenes in just a short time. More info.

‘End of Corridor’ vinyl compilation of Belgian cold wave and post punk from 1978-84: The Belgian re-release label Walhalla Records, specialized in new wave, cold wave and minimal synth, is releasing a new vinyl compilation including previously unreleased material by Belgian cold wave/postpunk bands suchs as De Brassers, Siglo XX, Struggler, De Kommenist. Via Sideline Magazine.

Metal na Lata Online Fest (7th, 14th and 21st August 2021): Three days and 52 bands of pure live Metal! The current reality of online events is a bummer to everyone. In a year and a half of pandemic, numerous live presentations or even festivals were held without the presence of the public. Some may have seen it as an temporary solution for bands and entertainment professionals to stay relevant and active. Others may face it as a new opportunity to reach wider audiences. Well, Brazilian website Metal Na Lata (, which completed six years of existence at the end of July, decided to go even further by creating the METAL NA LATA ONLINE FEST during three consecutive Saturdays (August 7th, 14th and 21st, from 8PM GMT-3) including a lot of great Brazilian, Argentinian and Portuguese bands, while and also supporting a noble and humanitarian cause. More info.

Trend Kill Ghosts | Poisoned Soul feat. Marina La Torraca: The vocalist of both Phantom Elite and Avantasia, participates in the new single that debuts on August 26th. Trend Kill Ghosts, a band on the rise in the power metal scene, is getting ready to release a new album and after months recording, they announce the second single, entitled "Poisoned Soul". The album will feature a wide range of guest artists, the first announced is the singer Marina La Torraca, who will put her voice in the new single, which will be accompanied by a lyric video. Listen to the first single from the album, "Phoenix".

Power Supply | Free (Winter of My Life): Song recorded in home studio is the first to anticipate the band's debut album. The trio from São Paulo (Brazil) Power Supply has put into practice the do it yourself motto. Since they officially started working (still as a duo) in mid 2019, the group proudly highlights that all productions are made inside a home studio by the brothers Marinho, even before the band actually existed. "Free (Winter of My Life)" comes as Power Supply's most pop song. Based on a acoustic guitar sound, the song was composed in 2012 along with their first single, “Forever” (available on streaming services last July). Listen to Free (Winter of My Life).

The Gramophones | You Might Be Right feat. Beatriz Roque: Bringing together the soul of contemporary folk and one of the most promising voices of the genre in Brazil, The Gramophones' marriage to Beatriz Roque's vocals mark the mature moment and the band's unique identity. The new single "You Might Be Right" talks about a couple who are not satisfied with their current situation, and it's kind of a request to each other for help in order to improve the relationship and get out of this situation, which seems to be bad, but there's a solution: Just help each other out. In addition to the perfect match between the two, the single also features meticulous production by six-time Grammy nominees Eric Yoshino, all adding to a full-bodied, real and authentic sound at the best from Brazilian Indie-Folk. Check out You Might Be Right.

Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo | Mission Pilots and the Dropkick Apollo: Debut album features five Stoner rock instrumental songs with references to Dead Meadow and Truckfighters. The album, recorded independently in 2019, in the band's studio, was conceived around a “narrative universe steeped in sci-fi references, in space travel, in the ethereal and the passionate”. These elements are established, creating in a subjective way - and closely linked to the interpretive - the beginning of a saga.A graphic novel that deepens the narrative of the debut album is already in production. The band's intention is to expand the listening experience to other platforms. Listen here.

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher | There's Someone Tryin' To Get In: A socially distanced collaboration between two punk soul brothers. Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher have never actually met in the flesh. But they are punk soul brothers from the same muddy musical pond. Connecting with one another during a year of ‘lockdown hell’, their exchange of ideas and talk of musical influences inadvertently led to their collaboration. As innovative juices began to boil, the frenetic exchange of digital files culminated in 'Bone Architecture', a 12-track album that both of them had been itching to make. This superb collection includes reworked older material, brand-new compositions and even a dirty blues version of the Pink Floyd classic 'Arnold Layne'. Ahead of the album, the duo present lead single 'There's Someone Tryin To Get In' with video created by Stafford. More info.


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