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Metal na Lata Online Fest (7th, 14th and 21st August 2021)

Three days and 52 bands of pure live Metal!

The current reality of online events is a bummer to everyone. A year and a half into the pandemic, numerous live presentations or even festivals were held without the presence of the public. Some may have seen it as a temporary solution for bands and entertainment professionals to stay relevant and active. Others may face it as a new opportunity to reach wider audiences.

Well, the Brazilian website Metal Na Lata (, which completed six years of existence at the end of July, decided to go even further by creating the METAL NA LATA ONLINE FEST during three consecutive Saturdays (August 7th, 14th and 21st, from 8PM GMT-3) including a lot of great Brazilian, Argentinian and Portuguese bands, while and also supporting a noble and humanitarian cause:

Fourteen years old, Rafael, has been fighting brain cancer since he was only 7. He went through 8 surgical procedures. During the first, he lost his sight. Last September 2020, Rafael underwent another emergency procedure to remove the tumor, but began to suffer from seizures and started radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. In early 2021, Rafael needed to place an internal valve in his head in order to control intracranial pressure, which has lead to more hospitalization time. So, Rafael's parents created a crowdfunding campaign (vakinha) to cover the high expenses regarding the adaptations needed in their home, such as hospital beds, bath and wheel chairs with spine and neck support, etc.

Festival Details:

Dates: August 07, 14 and 21st

Time: 8PM GMT-3

Online Broadcast:

Facebook Event:

Webpage: | Instagram/Facebook: @metalnalata

Support Rafael Alves de Farias Filho crowdfunding here.

1st Day: Saturday, August 7th (8PM GMT-3):

Theriomorphic (Death Metal - Portugal)

Siamese Cancer (Death Metal - Portugal)

Booby Trap (Thrash Metal/Crossover - Portugal)

Mercic (Experimental Industrial Rock/Metal - Portugal)

Fight Brazilian Tribute (Groove/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

About2Crash (Modern Metal - Brazil)

Trend Kill Ghosts (Power/Heavy Metal - Brazil)

Mofo (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Death Chaos (Death Metal - Brazil)

Switchback (Hardcore/Crossover - Brazil)

Necromancer (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Sick (Thrash Metal/Hardcore - Brazil)

RxUxA (Hardcore/Crossover - Brazil)

Tosco (Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore - Brazil)

Sepulchral Voice (Old School Death/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Ancesttral (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

ChaosFear (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Genocídio (Death Metal - Brazil)

2nd Day: Saturday, August 14th (8PM GMT-3):

The Crew Tones (Rock - Portugal)

Heaven Can Wait (Melodic Death/Doom Metal - Portugal)

Requiem Laus (Melodic Death/Black Metal - Portugal)

All Against (Thrash Metal - Portugal)

Eye Of The King - King Diamond Tribute (Heavy Metal - Brazil)

Nasty N' Loaded (Hard Rock - Brazil)

Bonfire Season (Groove Metal/Hardcore - Brazil)

Evil Corpse (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Fobia (Death/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Território Inimigo (Crossover/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Aneurose (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Sacrifix (Old School Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Vikram (Progressive Power Metal - Brazil)

Hicsos (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Andralls (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Nervochaos (Death Metal - Brazil)

Scars (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

3rd Day: Saturday, August 21th (8PM GMT-3):

Wintermoonshade (Melodic Black Metal - Portugal)

Torn Fabriks (Thrash Metal - Portugal)

Blind The Eye (Melodic Death Metal - Portugal)

Draconis (Death Metal - Argentina)

Metal Vrau (Heavy/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Terror Revolucionário (Hardcore/Punk Rock/Crust/Grindcore - Brazil)

The Anger (Rock/Hard Rock/Metal - Brazil)

Pure Hate (Death Metal - Brazil - Brazil)

Repressor (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Suck This Punch (Rock/Metal - Brazil)

Sandman (Modern Heavy Metal - Brazil)

Embrio (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Leandro Caçoilo (Heavy Metal - Brazil)

Kamala (Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Apokrisis (Progressive Death/Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Válvera (Neo Thrash Metal - Brazil)

Krisiun (Death Metal - Brazil)

Datasheet: Curatorship & Press Agency by Johnny Z. (JZ Press & Metal Na Lata) Editing, Producing, Programmin & Tecnical Responsability by Joao Paulo Mancha (musician, cultural activist and responsible for the Convergencia Social project, aimed at social actions, cultural production and human development) Sponsors Heavy Culture (Facebook: @heavycultureba | Instagram/Youtube: @heavyculture) Be Magic Producoes (Facebook: @produtorabemagic | Instagram: @bemagicprod) Under Martyrs (Facebook/Youtube/Instagram: @undermartyrs) Convergencia Social (Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: @convergenciasocialoficial) Underground N' Proud (Facebook/Instagram: @undergroundnproud | Youtube: @undergroundnproudtv) JZ Press (Facebook/Instagram: @jzpressassessoria) Supporters: Metal Mania Beer and Friends Extreme Sound Records NYC Metal Scene Metal Messiah Radio Metal no Papel O SubSolo Underground Extremo Metal No Vale Warcore Records Roadie Metal Heavy N' Roll Portal Metal Revolution Fofinho Rock Club Heavy Metal Online Tedesco Comunicacao & Midia Metal Open Mind Rebel Rock Radio Web Stay Rock Brazil Metal Com Batata Caio Indica The Bridge Press BR Underground Forces

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