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The weekly catch-up 03

The Jesus and Mary Chain sue Warner, Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour: Elton John announces final dates, Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran, Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell new video, Nivid new single plus Metal, Pop, Alternative, Industrial, Rock, World Music and Visual Kei releases.

The Jesus and Mary Chain sues Warner over copyright infringement: The Reid brothers are asking for over $2.5 million in damages. JAMC filled a lawsuit in California invoking section 203 of the US Copyright Act of 1976, which allows authors to ask copyright holders to revert rights 35 years after a work is published. According to Reids’ lawyer, Evan S. Cohen, “our copyright law provides recording artists and songwriters with a valuable, once-in-a-lifetime chance to terminate old deals and regain their creative works”. More info.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour: Elton John announces final dates: Postponed due to the pandemic, last legs of Elton’s tour at major stadiums will kick off on May 27, 2022 in Frankfurt. Three and half years after announcing his retirement with a bombastic 7-leg, 250+ shows, three-year "Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Final Tour", and after an unavoidable pandemic delay, the artist announced a final run of dates on his tour for 2022/2023. More info.

Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran: The band’s 40th anniversary deserves a proper celebration, and Andrew Golub, the Duran Duran archivist, author, and activist known to fans worldwide as “Durandy”, is releasing his third book - an updated edition of Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran. With luxurious new packaging and expanded content, this 300-page art book charts the band’s career through rare posters, from New Romantic roots in Birmingham through the Paper Gods era. More info.

Animals Eat | Malved: The auto defined ‘Bass and Drums’ Malved (no, they´re not electronic, but their Grunge/Doom music is built upon these two instruments) releases their new single and Animals Eat is… well, you should check by yourself. With influences raging from Pantera to Faith no More to Type o Negative and Helmet, you can expect a raw, powerful song. Watch Animals Eat.

Heleali (The Sea Will Rise) | Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell: Moving in a unique direction from Dead Can Dance, frontwoman Lisa Gerrard and DCD member Jules Maxwell, have revealed the new video for 'Heleali (The Sea Will Rise)', following their recent single 'Aldavyeem (A Time To Dance)'. The videos for both of these songs were directed by David Daniels. More info.

Becoming Human | Simon Collins: The son of musical legend, Phil Collins, Simon has song-writing in his DNA, learning to drum from the age of five and composing from the age of 14. The new album has drawn rave reviews as an intelligent, expansive combination of prog rock and futuristic electronic pop, exploring lyrical themes such as personal loss; addiction and the nature of our place in the universe. Led by the title track which describes a journey of personal transformation and discovering what it truly means to be human, Simon Collins' Becoming Human reasserts the songwriter intention to become one of the major forces in progressive rock. Watch Becoming Human.

Gayoku no Maku | Xanvala: The promising Japanese rock band Xanvala has just released their first EP titled Gayoku no Maku. Since the formation of the band in 2020, Xanvala has proved to be worthy contender with their fresh and energetic essence as showcased through the songs presented on this EP. The promotional track, ‘Hitori butai’, stands out with catchy riffs and a vibrant rhythm combined with the emotional voice of singer Tatsumi. More info.

Mazhab | Nivid: Alternative Industrial artist Nivid new single, taken from critically acclaimed album Mernã bringing together incisive, barbed lyrical bite together with a stunning industrial onslaught. Accompanied by a dazzling computer-generated animated video, Mazhab challenges the role of religion in peoples’ lives and declaring that it has often led to lives lived in fear and families and countries divided and at war. Watch Mazhab.

Abstinência | Lucidayz: First single from the new phase of the solo project of Sergipe musician Samuel Elijah, ‘Abstinência’ (Abstinence) dives into indie rock, bringing influences from Brazilian pop music artists from O Terno and Boogarins to Jorge Ben Jor. The song is packed with circus-like elements and sharp guitars. His lyrics portray a love relationship that can be compared to the passage of a circus martial band: “Me, the moth / You, embers in the wind / Oh I knew it / How dangerous to approach it would be”. Watch Abstinence.

As Virtudes| Matadoro: With a musical fusion that combines elements of melodic and traditional metal Matadoro draws attention in the alternative scene with its strong songs. . With an urban theme, ‘As Virtudes’ (The Virtues ) the band's newest release, shows the diversity and potential of the new band. Watch As Virtudes.

Mass Hysteria | End of Pipe: Band raises its voices with the release of the new video for "Mass Hysteria". Full of political references on the urgency to allow people to express themselves against the neglect of government and its public policies. The title track of the End of Pipe album, the song sounds little different from their previous material, its faster and more ‘hardcore’. Watch Mass Hysteria.


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