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Gorillaz celebrates Notting Hill Carnival, Halsey releases Trent Reznor produced album, Assemblage 23 releases 20th anniversary edition of Failure, + Pop, Indie, Hardcore & Metal releases.

Halsey | If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power: Halsey has released their fourth studio album: If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power is out now via Capitol. The LP is produced by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and features contributions from a number of notable musicians. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl plays drums on “Honey,” prolific session bassist Pino Palladino appears on “Lilith,” and Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham lays down guitar on “Darling.” In addition to her new album, Halsey has released an accompanying IMAX film, also titled If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. Via Pitchfork.

Flight Attendant | Magic Carpet Ride: The new single by Nashville based indie outfit Flight Attendant is a cover of the '70s US rock radio classic ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, originally by Steppenwolf. The musically eclectic group have put their own unique spin on the song with laidback guitars and viola melodies, plus a chorus that takes listeners on an airplane ride through the clouds. “In the past year we have felt nostalgia for the past, for times of travel, and we have missed friends and family,” says viola player Nikki Christie. “The change in the world has been palpable. Painting a picture of dreamier times, we covered ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ to conjure up a brief but much needed transportation of the moment.” More info.

Gorillaz | Meanwhile: The experimental band enlist Jelani Blackman, AJ Tracey and Alicai Harley for a three-track record that raises a glass to this year's cancelled event. Notting Hill Carnival is such a staple in British culture that many of us are experiencing withdrawals from COVID’s cancellation of the world’s second-largest carnival. Revellers from all over the world cram into the west London streets to catch a glimpse of the colourful outfits and the amazing synchronicity of everyone dancing. But with Notting Hill Carnival off the cards for the first time since its inception in 1966, the revolutionary cartoon band that is Gorillaz – who have recently celebrated 20 years of their self-titled debut album – pay tribute to its representation of Black British culture with their latest three-track EP, ‘Meanwhile’. Via NME.

JATA | Crazy Game of Phobias: Italian singer released the title track of his forthcoming album, 'Crazy Game of Phobias', a statement about people's fears about social contact that have developed throughout the current pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing rules. In the process of writing and recording this EP, JATA essentially reinvented his sound, exploring the use of electronics and early sampling technique, in a mix of pop catchy groove and harmonies. JATA explores one of the most negative effects generated by the pandemic - a phobia about social contact, stemming from distancing rules and lockdowns, not to mention constant media hype. Exploring this fear by contrasting our recent past with today, JATA lyrics emphasize he need to take back the greatest and most significant human trait - the need for socializing and contact. More info.

Assemblage 23 | Failure 20th anniversary edition: 20 years ago, Assemblage 23 released the album ‘Failure’ which was the band’s international breakthrough back then. For this release all of the tracks got a fresh new mix. The extra mixes for the bonus CD were executed by Daniel Myer, Interface, Antiscion, Mari Kattman, Rotersand, Clan of Xymox, The Gentry, Suicide Commando, P. Codenys and Assemblage 23 itself. While the CD will be out on September 17th, the limited edition double-vinyl is expected around Christmas with no definite release date known so far. The vinyl holds 2 additional remixes, the ones by Rotersand and by Assemblage 23. Via Side-Line Magazine.

Oitão announces new drummer and consolidates line-up: Oitão has a new drummer and it is the experienced Bruno Santin who completes the band's formation with weight and technique, alongside Henrique Fogaça (vocals), Ciero (guitar) and Tchelo Martins (bass). Santin's entry solidifies Oitão for the next news and releases of the hardcore/metal quartet. Bruno Santin was born in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, and has been a professional drummer since his adolescence. Among the musician's standout projects are Cardiac, Endrah and Lockdown, a death metal project created amidst the pandemic with João Gordo (Ratos de Porão), Antonio Araújo (Korzus and Matanza Ritual) and Rafael Yamada (Claustrophobia and ex-Project 46). Watch Instinto Sujo.

Duran Duran announce series of intimate homecoming shows: The shows will take place on September 14 and 15 at the O2 Institute in Birmingham ahead of the release of their upcoming new album, ‘Future Past’, on October 22. Tickets for the gigs go on sale at 9am on August 27 here. The upcoming album from the group will have 12 tracks, and features appearances from the likes of Blur’s Graham Coxon, long-time David Bowie pianist Mike Garson and guest vocals by Lykke Li. Via NME.

Sons of Southern Ulster | Turf Accountant Schemes: Irish underground quartet Sons of Southern Ulster and Pete Briquette (The Boomtown Rats) present their 'Turf Accountant Schemes' EP, which entails a collaboration to re-envision and remix four of the acerbic tracks from the band's second album 'Sinners and Lost Souls' (2020). Earlier, the band previewed 'Polaris' with a video produced by Nicky Fennell - a stellar and invigorating track that mixes cinematic rock and spacious electronica with spoken word, but with a sparseness that is chilling. Thematically, the song touches on regret, lost opportunity, death and, of course, alcohol – a recurring theme with the band. Watch Polaris (Pete Briquette Remix)'.

Post Modern Connection | Folie à Deux: How can we find the truth in ourselves? ‘Folie à Deux’ the Canadian band's new song and first preview of the upcoming EP, tening how complicated the self-discovery experience can be. Sometimes trying to reflect and question yourself can be a confusing dialogue. This captivating indie surf rock song juxtaposes the complexity of its lyrical journey with a seemingly simple look, creating a fun yet profound listening experience. One of the band's favorite lines in the song is “we are as good as our gods” and is the guiding thread of this colorful song. In many religious texts and mythological stories, Gods are portrayed with imperfections. Some even had to overcome challenges before attaining divinity. For those who adore these figures, the Post Modern Connection reminds us that we are only human and we are only as good as the beliefs, standards and ideals we subscribe to and defend. Watch Folie à Deux.


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