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The Stranglers' new album, Rammstein's Till Lindemann questioned in Russia, interview with Halsey and Trent Reznor.

Rammstein's Till Lindemann reportedly arrested in Russia: Local news reports claim that Lindeman's agent Anar Reiband has also been arrested and faces accusations of lying about his intentions when entering the country on a tourist visa. Later, German news website Bild, informed that Lindemann was not arrested by Russian police, but merely questioned. Lindemann had been due to perform at the Maclarin For Homeland festival in Tver, 180 kilometers northwest of Moscow, yesterday, and it is believed his detention is connected to Russia's current ban on largescale gatherings. A post of the festival website claims that the festival did adhere to current regulations, with attendees separated into groups of 500. This isn't the only trouble Lindemann has run into in the former Soviet Union, as he was criticized by the famous Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg museum over the 'unauthorized' sale of NFTs featuring photos and film shot on its premises. Via Louder.

Pas Musique | Amateur Radio: Brooklyn-based Pas Musique have announced they will release a new long-player, titled 'Amateur Radio'. With six new electronic, experimental krautrock-influenced tracks, this one will be available on white vinyl and digitally via NYC-based label Alrealon Musique. Ahead of this, they present the lead track 'Ancient Scottish Legend', taking you on an glitchy and eerie audio-visual trip. Jeanne-Marie Varain, artist and daughter of Jean-Herve Peron of Faust, also collaborates on a cover of 'It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl'. This Faust cover, developed in 2019 for the 'KRAUT! Covered' compilation curated by WFMU’s DJ Scott Williams, is now available for the first time on white vinyl. Via Black/Blue.

We were called heretics and ostracized’: The Stranglers on fights, drugs and finally growing up: Releasing their 18th album, The Stranglers talk about the bad reputation they had for quite a while. During the punk years, their many outrages ranged from being escorted out of Sweden by police with machine-guns (twice) to gaffer-taping a music journalist to the Eiffel Tower, 400ft up, upside down, without his trousers. However, the singer and bass player says the biggest outcry actually came when they got themselves a keyboard player. Via The Guardian.

Star Rover | Ghosts of New York State: NYC collective Star Rover has announced they will release their self-titled album 'Star Rover' this autumn, a coalescence of the ideas they had been investigating over the years into a cohesive yet eclectic statement. Here they meld the improvisational energy of their live sets with the depth and fidelity of the studio to create something dynamic, aggressive, nostalgic and beautiful all at once. Ahead of the album, the duo presents the lead track 'Ghosts of New York State', teasing this series of lyrically whimsical tales - half dreamscape, half reality. The clever animated video was directed by Clara Trevisan. Via Black/Blue.

Halsey and Nine Inch Nails in conversation at Capitol Studios: Following the release of If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power last week, an insightful new hour-long interview between Halsey and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross has been released. Moderated by Lizzy Goodman, the chat took place at Hollywood’s Capitol Studios, with the trio covering all sorts of topics regarding the LP: how it came to be that they worked together, Halsey’s nerves about approaching NIN for the job, work schedules, the creative process and much more. Watch the new interview.

Sabaton and the game World of Tanks make unprecedented partnership with event ‘Spirit of War’: Band releases video clip ‘Steel Commanders’ and command in-game event that will present for the first time a Tier IX Premium tank. These two facets of heavy metal are ready to put on a great show. Starting with the premiere of the new 'Steel Commanders' music video - a song that needs to be on any respected commander's playlist, the band also premieres an in-game event that will introduce players to a bit of history: the first Tier IX tank Award! Everyone who pre-saves the music will also win prizes including World of Tanks game bonuses with exclusive in-game Sabaton content! Along with the music video, Sabaton is also leading the in-game event: Spirit of War. The event features players challenging each other for the biggest reward: the first Tier IX Premium tank - the Strv K. 'Steel Commanders' music video that will be crewed by the Sabaton team. Once the player unlocks the Strv K tank, they will be considered to get the 3D style for ‘Spirit of War’. ‘Steel Commanders’ available on all digital platforms on September 17th. Watch Steel Commanders.

Dramón + Look ma! no wings | pra hoje: Renan Vasconcelos (Dramón) and Saulo von Seehausen (look ma! no wings) release the joint collaborative EP 'pra hoje', with four songs and an intro that explore textures, beats and ambiances. All songs were born from the same dynamics and at a distance: Renan, in São Paulo, presented ideas within the Ambient universe, be it a loop, a stretch of guitar and/or synthesizer textures, and Saulo, in Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, arranged them into a song. According to Saulo,"usually I started putting a rhythm part to mark and then the parts blossomed, with pianos, synthesizer additions and other textures. And it came back to Renan to organize, add, cut things, edit and mix". The challenge, finally, was to seek in each other's music what they felt was lacking in their own, encouraged to experiment with less conventional formats, resulting in songs that suggest playful and sound scenarios. Listen pra hoje.


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Pas Musique | Amateur Radio cover art

Star Rover | Ghosts of New York State cover art

Halsey and Nine Inch Nails in conversation at Capitol Studios retrieved from NIN Twitter

Sabaton uncredited photo provided by Nuclear Blast South America

Dramón + Look ma! no wings | pra hoje cover art

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