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New Releases: No Captains | 13th Moon ft. Emily Palen (a.k.a. KnightressM1)

Inspired by classic monster movies and 2020's cycle of 13 full moons, San Francisco alternative rock / metal power trio No Captains present their new single '13th Moon', a chilling preview of their fourth album 'Friends Like These'.

American alternative rock / metal outfit No Captains present their new single '13th Moon', a chilling adventure not for the faint at heart. This is the first offering from the band's fourth album 'Friends Like These'. Packed with a few surprises and guest performers, strap yourself in and get ready to go for a ride.

Based in San Francisco, No Captains is made up of Danny Sando (bass and back vocals), Vince Shore (drums and percussion) and Alex Shonkoff (vocals). On this particular track, the trio collaborated with kick-ass Bay Area violinist Emily Palen of KnightressM1, whose perfectly haunting performance will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

'13th Moon' was inspired by classic Halloween and monster movies with their characteristic werewolves, mummies and zombies, combined with the fact that, in 2020, there were actually 13 full moons instead of 12.

This song is the narration of the Head Black Cat summoning the appearance of all these creatures to rise up and take over humanity. The bass thumps along in a marching feel while the drums hold down a booming tribal essence to bring the listener closer to a trance-like state.

"The vocals seize the instrumental underlay in power-gothic style, letting you know the narrator is most assuredly controlling the downfall of humans. At the same time, the "like no other" violin effect sets the soundscape for this demise. As I see it, these four elements hypnotize, creating a "loss of time" atmosphere that the listener is eerily okay with," says Danny Sando.

Influenced by Mr. Bungle, Iron Maiden, Tool, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine, No Captains is on a mission to let the music transport you. At their live shows, the environment will take you for that ride, offering something for those wanting to jump around to, letting their aggression out. This is music to shake your butt to or let you forget about the things that stress you out. No Captains starts the roller coaster and, because there are no captains, holding on for that ride is completely up to you.

No Captains is what happens when Alice stops chasing the White Rabbit and follows the Mad Hatter instead. This Bay Area based hard funk-rock trio keep their shows highly energetic, making everyone part of the fun – entertainment is ensured. No Captains' live performances are raw and powerful, offering funky rhythm and melody to dance to, loud and fast to slam around to or something to just close your eyes and get lost in?

'13th Moon' and the full 'Friends Like These' album are available via Apple Music, Bandcamp and the band's own Merch Shop.

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